Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain ( 2021 Edition )

Are you wondering what is meant by zero gravity when we are talking of chairs meant to be grounded on the floor?

Well, obviously these chairs don’t float but draw inspiration from the chair design used in space for astronauts to sit. The moment you raise your feet while sitting on the zero gravity chairs, you might get the feeling of floating on a cloud.

If you are thinking how these chairs could benefit you, it may surprise you to know that these chairs provide comfortable support to the lumbar and are often recommended by orthopaedics to patients recuperating from spinal injuries or surgeries.

These chairs are designed with S-shaped back with a vertically reclining angle that reduces pressure felt on the body in the sitting posture.

While there are several brands and models of zero gravity chairs available in the market, it could get difficult to spot the appropriate one that serves your requirement.

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

In the guide below, you will be able to find our reviews on some of the best zero gravity chairs that can help resolve your back pain issues.

We have listed the best zero gravity chair for back pain and have taken into consideration a few pertinent parameters prior to writing the reviews.

These include the ease of reclining on the zero gravity chair, ergonomics, its durability, massaging functions, materials used, usability i.e. whether they can be used indoors, outdoors or both.

#1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Chair
2,708 Reviews
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Chair
  • Outstanding Loading Capacity: Anti gravity chair supports up to 350lbs. Sturdy steel tube frame,...
  • Adjustable Reclining Position: Patented locking mechanism on this outdoor recliner. Easy locking...
  • Oversized Dimension: 43.5 x 22 x 21.3 inches. The fully reclined length of the reclining camping...
  • Comfortable Design: Padded folding chair designed with full padded seating, removable pillow for...
  • No Assembly: This folding lawn chair can be folded and unfold in seconds. The camping lounge chair...

The Zero Gravity Chair from Timber Ridge goes a long way to ensure users with an ultimate comfortable experience.

You can enjoy the padded seating allowing for relaxation as well as an immersive resting experience. The best thing is that you can recline this chair completely enabling you to lie down in 180 degrees.

The patented locking mechanism on the chair allows for extra security ensuring that the chair is locked in the reclining position to prevent any accidents. Considering its appearance, the chair is toned in blue, black and brown offering an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Perfect for outdoor use, you can place the lounger anywhere in your garden, patio or even take it along when camping.

The maximum loading capacity offered by the chair is around 350 lbs, good enough to offer comfortable positioning to most people.

The tubed steel frame is sturdy and encased with polyester fabric. The headrest and the lumbar support are detachable in this model. The wooden armrests and side-cup holders complete the look of this chair while the pliable bungee suspension mechanism allows the comfort of weightless experience.

Slightly in the expensive range of loungers, the Timber Ridge is luxuriously designed and does not compromise on the comfort factor thus offering value for every penny spent on it.

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  • Offers a great comfort relaying the feel of a padded lounge to the users.
  • The extra-large size of the chair allows for better relaxation.
  • The adjustable reclining position enables the comfort of lying down.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers the chair against product defects.
  • The material is not breathable as compared to a few other loungers available in the market.
  • A slightly high priced zero gravity chair.

#2. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair
1,416 Reviews
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair
  • Outstanding Loading Capacity: Anti gravity chair supports up to 350lbs. Sturdy steel tube frame,...
  • Adjustable Reclining Position: This outdoor recliner designed with easy locking levers adjust and...
  • Oversized Dimension: 43.5 x20 x21.5 inches. This oversized camping reclining chair provides roomy...
  • Breathable Fabric: Zero gravity chair designed with breathable mesh polyester fabric, which provides...
  • No Assembly: This folding lawn chair can be folded and unfold in seconds. The camping lounge chair...

Are you looking for a beach patio chair which can transcend you to the moon?

This zero gravity lounge chair from Timber Ridge could be an ideal choice to make. This large bulky lounger that comes in XL size is spacious enough to allow users to stretch in any desired position.

A perfect layout for taller people, this chair is supported by sturdy aluminium tubular frames and durable material used for the mesh that makes the chair a lightweight model.

The mesh is of a breathable material providing for better air circulation and easy cleaning and maintenance. With its maximum holding capacity of 350 lbs weight, the oversized Timber Ridge zero gravity chair can withstand sudden impacts offering great stability.

The plastic armrest and padded headrest add to the lounger’s comfort and the chair have conveniently foldable tables.

You can rest without a worry in this chair for long hours as the multiple locking systems allow it to firmly stand in the position you lock it in suitable for your comfort. The manufacturer provides a 0ne-year limited warranty on defects identified on the product.

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  • Large make of the chair allows more space and comfort to the user.
  • Strongly supported by the tubes allowing for greater stability and balance.
  • Comes with removable features such as the sliding table, headrest and armrest.
  • Good quality of mesh fabric contributes to the chair’s contour.
  • Affordable lounger model.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Though can be used outdoor, this Timber Ridge Chair cannot withstand long hours of rain and moisture as it can rust easily.

#3. FDW Patio Chair Outdoor Furniture Zero Gravity Chair

FDW Patio Chair Outdoor Furniture Zero Gravity Chair
4,241 Reviews
FDW Patio Chair Outdoor Furniture Zero Gravity Chair
  • 【Comfortable and Adjustable】Very comfortable reclined position of the Zero Gravity Chairs and...
  • 【Resistance level of the Zero Gravity Chairs】 You are not thrown backward as soon as you sit on...
  • 【No assemble needed】The Zero Gravity Chairs come fully assembled and folded of the zero gravity...
  • 【Strong frame】This zero gravity recliner is sturdy enough to hold people up to250Lbs. And the...
  • 【Easy to fold up and be stored away】You can fold the Patio Chair up and easily store behind your...

Back pain is disturbing and causes a lot of havoc in daily life. If you suffer from back pain, choose this smart chair. It has an amazing shape for people who have problems with back pain.

This chair comes in 4 stunning colors that suit the interior of your bedroom, study room, dining room or drawing room. Apart from that, you can also keep this chair in the outdoor spaces or near swimming pools.

The chair contains fine quality fabric that soothes your skin. It does not cause sweating, irritation or redness in the body. You can use this thin chair even during the summer season. It is a nice chair to relax near the pool. This recliner can hold a weight of about 250lbs. You can use this thin chair in any season.

In addition to that, the recliner has quick and simple installation. Mesh back of the chair allows air to circulate freely. It also reduces the pain of the lower back and keeps your spine in a perfect position.

You can place a soft pillow on the chair and sit on it to read a book or work on a laptop. This zero gravity chair gives additional comfort to the legs, joints and hips.

The sturdy frame of the chair does not rust due to UV rays, water, snow or dust. It makes the chair stable and long-lasting for home or office use.

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  • This sleek chair reduces fatigue in the body.
  • It reduces headache, neck pain and shoulder pain.
  • You can fold the chair and store it anywhere in the home.
  • You can clean the chair with any wet or cloth and cleaning solution.
  • Armrests keep your hand in a straight position.
  • Seat is hard and causes discomfort while sitting or working.
  • The base of the chair damages floors and surfaces.

#4. PHI VILLA Textilene Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

PHI VILLA Textilene Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
12 Reviews
PHI VILLA Textilene Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
  • Adjustable Canopy: Adjustable canopy sunshade on top can be modified to any position to your...
  • Effective Lock Design: The lock catch is more convienient to operate than twist knobs. Simply pull...
  • Adjustable Reclining Position: Chairs are designed with a lockable reclining system. It can be...
  • Open Dimension: W25.59" x D35.43"x H44.09". Height of chair back could be adjusted from 32.48" to...
  • Folding & Storage: No assembly required. Foldable for easy transportation and compact storage....

If you value cushions and comfort more than anything else, the PHI VILLA Textilene Zero Gravity Chair could make for an apt choice.

This light grey hued lounge chair offers ultimate breathability and uses softer mesh materials as compared to the usual fabric used commonly in the market.

The Oxford fabric offers both comfort and good ventilation to minimize sweat and is UV friendly for you to enjoy a summer day outing at the beach.

The padded seat and lumbar support are made of a soft material to allow smooth sitting and comfortable reclining. The foldable canopy makes this an ultimate lounge chair.

Carry this zero gravity chair to your patio or anywhere you desire to sit and relax. The colour and design are aesthetically betting for anyplace. The height may not suit very tall people but is perfect for those bordering 6 feet or shorter.

The weight capacity of this model is 300 lbs. The chair frames are constructed of stainless steel and the chair is secured by the lock latch system that enables users to use it in any reclining position steadily.

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  • Easily foldable, the portable model can be stored conveniently.
  • The fabric attributes to the chair’s strength and durability.
  • PHI VILLA Textilene Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Patio comes pre-assembled making it ready-to-use.
  • The chair model misses out on a side holder or a tray that could have added value to it.
  • The canopy can be flipped back and adjusted but is not detachable.

#5. AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair

AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair
2,235 Reviews
AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair
  • Zero-gravity outdoor chair provides a stress-free weightless feel for optimal relaxation
  • Powder-coated steel frame for strength and lightweight portability
  • Double bungee support system securely connects the weather-resistant Textilene fabric to the frame
  • 200-pound weight capacity; padded headrest and gently contoured arm rests; Navy Blue color
  • Product dimensions: 31.5-60.2 x 26 x 33.9-43.3 inches (LxWxH); adjustable length and height...

If you are searching for a basic zero gravity chair that features a simple design yet extends ultimate comfort and relaxation without burning a hole in your pocket, check the AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair.

Toned in Blue, this model is an ideal lounge option for enjoying outdoors. Place it anywhere at the poolside, beach, patio or backyard and sink in the seat for an immersive relaxation experience.

The chair offers the feel of weightless relaxation and can be effortlessly adjusted from its upright position to a reclining posture.

The sturdy steel-coated durable frame with bungee support offers reliable support to users and meshes the fabric securely with the frame. This model can accommodate up to 300 lbs weight and is suitable for most people.

The padded headrest and contoured armrests facilitate optimum comfort when sitting or reclining.

You can easily transport this lightweight chair to anyplace you desire and be carefree as the weather-resistant fabric can withstand the outdoor environment. The Textilene material allows for enhanced breathability.

Moreover, it does not retain heat thus ensuring users to enjoy a cool seating surface without giving a sweaty or greasy feel even when used on sunny days. The chair is attractive and aesthetically pleasing and a basic must have.

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  • Breathable mesh fabric allows the chair to be used in summers.
  • Lightweight can be conveniently towed to anyplace.
  • Can be reclined easily.
  • Though this model from AmazonBasics can be easily reclined to your comfort, the locking knobs don’t work much to perfection in positioning the chair perfectly as desired.
  • A tray table would have added much value to this zero gravity lounge chair.

#6. PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair

PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair
2,408 Reviews
PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair
  • Oversize Padded Seat & Back: Oversize padded seat suspended by double bungee system provides more...
  • Effective Lock Design: The lock catch is more convienient to operate than twist knobs. Simply pull...
  • Adjustable Reclining Position: Chairs are designed with a lockable reclining system. It can be...
  • Open Dimension: W29.14" x D35.43"x H44.88". Height of chair back could be adjusted from 32.48" to...
  • No assembly: Foldable for easy transportation and compact storage. Suitable for any patio occasions,...

An out and out attractive lounge chair in the adjustable recliner zero gravity chair category, this oversized model from PHI VILLA is quite a hit.

Not only aesthetically appealing, but it is also equally comfortable with the plus size dimensions and its sturdy construction.

Toned in grey, the chair sports a visually enticing grey and black hue in combination. The steel frame is coated with durable material and can accommodate up to 350 lbs. And what’s special? The frame is designed with a non-skid feet rest.

Talking of the armrests, they are of wooden make that improves on its appearance than the average lounge chairs with plastic or metal armrests. The use of wood is a practical effort to make the rests comfortable for your arms even on a hot sunny day so that you don’t burn your skin.

The double-bungee cord mechanism allows the seat to offer a weightless feel yet providing for balance and support.

The material used in the recliner is Oxford fabric which provides a robust and soft touch to the body, unlike the plastic fibers. It is padded for extra cushioning and can be wiped clean whenever necessary.

The seat is considerably wide but the height when reclined may not make very tall users happy.

You can enjoy the full zero gravity position in this chair with the two levers located under the armrest. Simply flip these and change the position on your lounge. The chair also comes with a removable tray and an additional space for users to place a plate or a book.

The pillow is detachable and uses the same fabric as that used on the chair’s body. It comes with an elastic strap to enable adjustment of the headrest or use it for lumbar support.

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  • Detachable pillow and lumbar support.
  • The padded fabric used increasing durability.
  • An over-sized chair.
  • The wooden armrests work well even on hot days.
  • Easy to use lock knobs to keep the chair in position.
  • Non-skid feet support on the leg frame.
  • The chair is slightly heavier as compared to other lounge chairs available around.
  • The fabric is not of breathable material like that of mesh and can soak up water though it can be wiped dry.

#7. Sunnydaze Outdoor XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

For those who like to soak up the sunshine on a holiday, here’s the Sunnydaze Outdoor XL Zero Gravity Chair to make your outing even more special.

This spacious and comfortable anti-gravity lounge chair is ideal for relaxing at the beach. It can accommodate up to 250 lbs weight and is constructed with a durable powder coated steel tubular frames which are weather-resistant.

The sling seat and the chair’s rear seat are weaved with Textilene fabric which makes the chair fade resistant.

This camping chair comes with a removable headrest pillow, a couple of cup holders and is delivered in its assembled form.

You can lock the chair in the desired position with the help of the knob placed under the armrests and stretch out to relax or lie down comfortably.

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  • The Sunnydaze outdoor lounge chair is backed with a one-year warranty by the manufacturer.
  • A well-shaped chair that retains its shape.
  • Comes with two cup holders.
  • Not one of those ultra-easy-to-move chairs as compared to other lounge chairs in the market.
  • The weight capacity is limited to only 250 lbs.

#8. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

No products found.

An all-weather lounge chair so to say literally, the Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair from Caravan Sports can withstand outdoor conditions.

A highly comfortable lounge chair, it ensures maximum comfort and is expandable in width making it a good choice for most people.

The double bungee suspension system allows for a weightless feel to the user and ensures stability with the highly-balanced and durable steel frame that can accommodate up to 350 lbs weight.

A fantastic choice if you consider combating stress and tension on the legs and your spine.

You can recline the chair smoothly and use it anytime and anywhere you desire. Take a quick nap or enjoy a drink by the bay; this brown extra-sized model is worth a buy.

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  • Serves well for outdoor use owing to the high-quality material used.
  • Designed with strong and balanced steel frames that ensure longevity.
  • Can accommodate heavyweight.
  • Some users reported of the headrest pillow slipping out of place.
  • It is not designed in brightly coloured tones or pattern.

#9. RST Brands Original Orbital

RST Brands Original Orbital
199 Reviews
RST Brands Original Orbital
  • Fade resistant, woven pvc sling material
  • Zero gravity design allows maximum relaxation
  • Folds to eight Inch wide for east transport and storage
  • Easy clean up with mild soap and water
  • One year manufacturer's limited warranty

If you fancy those European styled zero gravity lounge chairs, this model from BST Brands Original Orbital could feature in your list of consideration.

Offering a stylish looking lounge chair, this one is coloured in a green tone ever-pleasing to the eyes.

The fabric on the sling is of premium quality. The user has used PVC woven material to ensure its durability. It is easy to clean. The finished steel frames add high-strength to the chair and are coated in a black coating material that enables quick drying.

Additionally, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and fade resistant. The armrests are soft and provide much comfort to the user.

The foldable chair is easy to transport and can be stored hassle-free. The chair can be quickly assembled by following the instructions available in the manual provided in the package.

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  • Exclusively designed.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Durable material, easy to clean and maintain.
  • The plastic base does not offer a great balance to the chair.
  • Slightly high-priced in comparison to its features.
  • Assembly required.

#10. Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Wide Folding

Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Wide Folding
1,110 Reviews
Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Wide Folding
  • EXTRA WIDE SEAT: Designed to seat 2 people, with a cup holder tray for drinks, magazines,...
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Crafted with an adjustable, removeable padded headrest for additional comfort,...
  • REPLACEABLE ELASTIC CORDS: Its elastic cords create a chair that immediately conforms to the body,...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made of high-quality, UV-resistant mesh with an aluminum frame to last for...
  • TAKE IT ON THE GO: Foldable, lightweight chair design allows you to enjoy it anywhere at home, at...

If you are wishful of purchasing a lounge chair that offers double the space and value for money, the Best Choice for 2 persons double wide folding zero gravity chair could make for a good selection.

Featuring a sturdy adjustable back and a capacity to hold up to 450 lbs weight, this model is tan shaded and great for relaxing comfortably outdoor with your loved one.

A neutrally toned chair, it can blend with your existing in-house décor or outdoor environment seamlessly.

This lounge chair is a perfect blend of steel and fabric and offers reliable support and durability. The removable cushion can be used to fit to your comfort.

Read your book or cuddle up with your partner at any time of the day in this chair. Enjoy a cup of your favourite beverage and relax hands-free, thanks to the cup and the gadget holders on the armrest.

The reclining seat facilitates relaxation to your desired positioning in the chair. Use the replaceable elastic cords if required for reliable suspension when seated.

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  • The chair is fastened with durable material.
  • Can support heavy weight users.
  • Offers value for money.
  • Some users experienced difficulty in locking the chair in place.
  • The chair makes unpleasant sounds when reclining it.
  • The material used for the frame is relatively cheaper as compared to the weight it offers to accommodate.

#11. Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair

Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair
451 Reviews
Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair
  • Zero-gravity outdoor recliner chair provides a stress-free weightless feel to relax muscles and...
  • Adjustable sun shade offers protection from the sun; drink tray included can be placed on either...
  • Seating made of woven PVC coated polyester for versatility and strength; powder coated steel frame...
  • Reclines and locks in any position for personalized comfort; padded ergonomic headrest included
  • Folds instantly to 6.25" x 38" x 26" for easy storage or transport; holds up to 300 lbs. capacity

A zero gravity recliner with a canopy and side tray, this Hammocks model comes in a sage green shade and is quite a cool looking lounge chair.

Ergonomically designed, the chair is a great choice for reducing muscle tensions on the back and legs, thanks to the zero- gravity position that enhances circulation.

The chair features a well-padded armrest and a headrest that provides additional support to the hands and head respectively. An outdoor recliner you can place it anywhere in the garden, patio, by the pool or beach.

The material used in casing the chair is PVC coated woven polyester fabric which is firmly attached to the powder-coated steel frame.

The non-stretchable yarn adds on the sturdiness and retains the shape of the chair.

The removable drink tray is foldable for convenience and the adjustable sunshade protects users from scorching sun or light drizzles.

With having all these amazing features, it becomes a best zero gravity chair for back pain and you should definitely look over it before choosing the chair for you.

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  • Can accommodate up to 300 lbs weight.
  • Features a tray and sunshade.
  • The PVC woven material adds to the versatility and longevity of the chair.
  • Can be reclined easily as required.
  • Easily foldable and portable.
  • The metal affixed to the canopy is not that strong.

Last Words

After putting so much of efforts, finally the list of top 10 best zero gravity chair for back pain is completed which will help you choose the right zero gravity chair for yourself.

You can simply look at any of the chair above and read about them to take the wise decision before making your purchase.

Also we recommend you to leave your comment below if you are having any query related to these zero gravity chairs. We would definitely love to help you.

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