How to Choose a Good Massage Chair

Massage is the most popular form of curing since ancient times. Getting a regular massage is important for a flexible body. Apart from curing body pain, regular massage also relaxes your mind and gives mental peace. You can get more energetic by getting a regular body massage. 

Buying a massage chair for home, office or shop is a necessity for everyone. It is beneficial for employees, housewives and old people. With a myriad of massage chairs, it is often confusion to choose the best massage chair. You will get a clear idea about the ways to buy a massage chair in this blog.

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Buying Guide of a Good Massage Chair

Massage chair comes in various shapes, sizes and forms. You can also get various features in massage chairs. Besides, the budget of a massage chair varies from model to model.

Knowing some features will help you in buying the best massage chair for your home, office or shop. The most important features to look for while buying a massage chair are as under:

1. Space in Your Home or Office

Massage chairs are generally larger than normal chairs. They cannot fit in small spaces such as dining room or balcony. So, the first to see is the space available at your home, office or shop. You can then get an idea of the type of massage chair for your home, office, shop or garage. 

If you are planning to place your massage chair in the home, choose bedroom or study room. Avoid keeping massage chairs in the drawing room as they spoil interior of the room.

To get a perfect idea of a massage chair size, you should measure the space of your room. This will help you to buy the right massage chair with footrest, headrest and other features. 

2. Features of the Massage Chair

You can get a wide range of massage chairs in the market today. They vary in size, features, budget and so on. Every massage chair has different features from one another.

Shiatsu massage chairs find pressure points in the body and press them to cure pain. On the other hand, zero-gravity massage chairs tilt to zero-gravity position while taking a massage. Similarly, you can get several massage chairs in the market with massage and other features. 

In addition to that, the massage chairs target different areas of the body such as joints, hips, back, shoulders and so on. You must find out in which areas does a particular massage chair works. It becomes simpler to find the right chair for curing different types of pain in the body. 

3. Cost

You cannot avoid budget as a massage chair is a long term investment for home, office and shop. Cost of a massage chair varies with model, comfort level and features.

There are 2 types of massage chairs. One type of massage chair is a very simple chair while another type provides therapeutic needs. If you buy a massage chair only for relaxation, it will cost about $1500.

But if you want more features in your massage chair, spend a little more and get advanced massage chairs. 

Mid-range chairs with few features can cost between $1500 and $6500. If you want some more extras in your chair, it will cost above $6500. But high-end massage chairs don’t need to always give relief to the body.

A basic massage chair or any mid-range chair may fulfill your needs. You can also exclude some of the unnecessary features from chair such as USB ports, audio players and airbags. 

4. Type of Material

Some massage chairs have classy looks but have cheap quality fabric. These massage chairs do not last for a long period and  damage due to force or pressure.

So, it is important to look at the fabric that you choose in massage chairs. As far as possible, choose fine quality leather. It is the most reliable fabric when it comes to buying a massage chair. But today, you can also get massage chairs in synthetic materials. 

Leather chairs are not suitable for hot summers. On the other hand, the chairs with synthetic fabric can bear heat, water and dust. They also extend the life of a massage chair. You can buy a massage chair made from rich materials such as polyurethane, nylon and so on. 

5. Durability of the Massage Chair

The next factor to consider in the massage chair is durability. There are various parts in the massage chairs and wires. High-end massage chairs don’t need to be durable.

The only thing you have to check is whether the chair is heavy duty or not. It is advisable to spend a little more in the massage chair to get durable material.

Cheap quality massage chairs might break within a short period. Apart from that, you also need to spend a lot of money on its repairs and parts. 

6. Ease of Repairing the Massage Chair

It is important to see whether a massage chair is easy to repair or not. Many people do not know how to repair a massage chair.

If you also have a problem in repairing a chair, find a massage chair with easy repairing job. It will save money and time and you do not need a professional or technician to repair it. 

7. Warranty of the Massage Chair

This is the most important factor to look at before buying a massage chair. A customer will need a long term warranty on a product after spending money. Massage chair is a thing that you need to use for a long time.

So, you need to look at the warranty, reviews of the customers, ratings and discounts. These things will help you to get the best product at an affordable price.

These factors are very important to consider before buying a massage chair for your home and office. So now, invest your money in a smart massage chair and enjoy various types of massage after a working day.

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