The Most Common Places to Have the Worst Posture

The Younger generation is at high risk of getting spondylitis and back pain. The main reason for these physical issues is the improper posture of the body.

Many people, especially students and employees lean forward while working on computers. This is the worst sitting position and results in permanent damage to your spinal cord. 

We cannot improve our posture unless we improve our sitting habits. You must know the right technique of sitting while working at the office, watching movies or reading a book.

This blog lists the different places where you get the worst posture.

bad posture

Common Places Where you Get Bad Posture

In the busy working life, we do not pay attention to our physical problems like back and neck pain.

We are unaware of the places where we get bad posture. Let us have a look at the places where you can get the worst posture. 

1. Long Driving Hours

Your posture will worsen while driving the car for a long time. Many people get tired while driving cars for a long time. They also forget to sit straight on the car’s seat.

Sitting with a humped back will give a bad posture. Apart from that, the drivers also drive the car with one hand. These driving habits will cause misalignment in the body.

They will also increase back ache and shoulder pain. You may get stiffness in the body by sitting in the wrong position while driving the car. 

To improve your posture, you must sit straight on the seat of your car. Besides, you must also drive the car with both hands to avoid pain of the body. 

2. Working in the Office

Most people get bad posture while working in the office. One has to work for about 9 hours at the office.

Long hours of sitting in one position and working on computers will cause back pain. We often lean forward to look at the monitor screen.

This habit will spoil your posture. The best way to avoid back pain and neck pain is to sit back on the office chair.

You must keep your back straight while working on the computer. Cultivate the habit of placing the computer at your eye level. 

In addition to that, you can use a soft and padded cushion on your chair while working in the office.

You must also keep some objects under your monitor to bring them to your eye level. These tips will reduce body strain and improve productivity

3. Standing in a Queue of Bus or Theaters

Many of us do not pay attention to our posture while standing in a queue. While standing in a line of a bus or theater, we look at our cell phones to spend time.

Looking down at mobile phones will cause intense neck pain. It is because it puts strain on the neck and shoulders.

The right way to stand in a queue is to bring the cell phone to your eye level with equal distribution of weight on both legs.

This is the correct position to stand in a queue without getting neck pain. Furthermore, you will not feel pain in any part of the body by following these tips. 

4. Sleeping in the Bed

We do not generally follow the correct way of sleeping in bed at night. Many people have the habit of sleeping with their belly touching the bed.

This is the wrong way of sleeping on the bed and causes bad posture. Apart from that, it also causes back pain and neck aches.

The correct way to sleep on the bed is to sleep on either side or with your back touching the bed. Do not use many pillows under your head while sleeping.

Pillows will result in intense neck pain. You must use one soft pillow to relax your neck, shoulders and pain. Moreover, you should keep your head in a neutral position to avoid bad posture. 

Helpful Tips to Improve Posture

Bad posture will put you in embarrassment at the office, park or gym. It is necessary to take care of a few tips to improve your posture right from an early age.

Some tips help in improving posture of the body such as:

  • You must keep a habit to sit and stand straight at home, office, theater or park. 
  • Keep a habit of pulling your shoulders back while sitting on the chair or working or reading a book. 
  • You should stand in such a way that the body weight is distributed on both legs. 
  • You must pull your chin back for the right alignment of ears and shoulders. 
  • You should also keep your legs pointed in the front side. 

Start following the above tips to get a perfect posture. They will improve your posture within a few weeks.

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