How Good Posture Helps Reduce Back Pain

Back pain has become a daily issue for employees, housewives and students. Any activity that puts pressure on the spinal cord causes back pain. Every person experiences back pain in daily life.

Some people ignore mild pain thinking that it will not damage the spinal cord. But the real problem arises when the mild back pain converts into severe pain. Ignoring the mild back pain can be dangerous at a later age. 

Our body posture plays a significant role in eliminating back pain. You must improve your body posture to get rid of intense back pain. 

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Problems Caused by the Poor Body Posture

We had been taught in the classrooms by the teachers to sit straight. But as we grow old, most of us forget the basics of routine life. We do not pay attention to our sitting or working style. 

Poor posture can cause pain and inflammation in the back. It can also cause many other problems such as under:

  • Damage to the spine
  • Misalignment of the neck discs and joints
  • One will feel tired and drained throughout the day
  • Tension in the joints and muscles 
  • Reduction in the blood flow to the arteries and vessels 
  • Poor body shape 
  • Frequent headaches

Common Causes of Bad Posture

Bad posture is the major reason for back pain. Several things can ruin your posture such as:

  • Talking on a mobile phone by keeping it on the shoulders for many hours 
  • Carrying heavy items such as a table, luggage and bags 
  • Lordosis
  • Wearing tight clothes and high heeled sandals 
  • Using hard mattresses and pillows for sleeping 
  • Wrong position of sleeping
  • Sitting with hunched shoulders
  • Looking up or down for long hours

Ways to Get a Good Posture

People are often confused with good posture. Everyone has their style of sitting, standing and working. The wrong position of sitting and working can cause intense pain in the lower back. It is necessary to improve posture by cultivating good habits. You can try some of the below ways to gain a good posture. 

1. Move Often During the Office Hours

Office employees have to work for more than 8 hours. Normally, the employees sit in one place without much movement. This sitting position can cause bad posture. It can also cause pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders and hips.

So you must change your habit of sitting in one place. You can take a walk around the office premises or do stretches during office hours. Moving your body every few hours will cure the problem of stiff muscles and bones. 

2. Buy Ergonomic Furniture

This is another effective way to get a good posture. You should choose ergonomic chairs and recliners to improve sitting habits. These days, you can find a wide range of chairs and desks with ergonomic designs online.

These chairs feature headrest, footrest armrests for the comfort of your body. They also have lumbar support to cure back pain and improve the posture of the body. 

3. Exercise Daily

Exercise is the right treatment to improve body posture. You should do head and neck stretching exercises to make your muscles more flexible and elastic. Apart from that, you should also do shoulder exercises to get relaxation in the body. 

There is also a standing exercise wherein you have to stand against the wall by raising your arms. This exercise will make your chest straight and keep your head in the right position.

Arm cross-chest stretch is one of the most effective ways to relax your arms and elbows. It also makes muscles more flexible and movable. 

4. Change Seating Positions

Work can become a tedious job if you sit in one position for long hours. So, you have to change your sitting habits and position at the office. You can sit in a different position to get a good posture. The change in sitting and working style can make a huge difference in back pain. 

5. Take a Short Walk

If you want to get rid of extra body weight and improve body posture, take a walk daily. Walking for some minutes will increase flexibility in the body. It also removes tension in the muscles and cures pain within a few packs. 

6. Move your Full Body

There are many tasks in which you have to move your waist only. These tasks put a strain on the back and the spinal cord. Instead of moving the waist, you should move the full body. This habit will not put pressure on the spine. Apart from that, it also improves the posture of the body within a few weeks. 

Benefits of Good Posture

We often neglect the habit of sitting straight on the chair or sofa while working. But the good posture has ample benefits such as:

  • Cures Back Pain

Good posture supports the spinal cord. It also makes you feel relaxed while sitting and working. Gaining a good posture will make your muscles more flexible and elastic. Moreover, it keeps the head, torso and pelvis in a straight position. 

  • Look Slim

If you want to look slim in your friends and office colleagues, try to improve posture. Good posture will make you look attractive in any outfit. It also makes your belly look flat. Good posture gives a younger look even at an old age. 

  • Reduces Headaches

Moving head continuously can cause headaches. Good posture reduces headaches and makes you feel relaxed and calm for the full day. It also increases mental focus on the work. 

  • Boosts Mood

Hunched shoulders and back make you feel bored at work. Good posture will boost your mood patterns and make you happy while sitting or working. Besides, it will also give you positive thoughts and improve your work quality. 


Good posture has several benefits for the body. It will help you to get a perfect figure and better mental focus. Besides, it also helps in making work quality better each day.

Furthermore, good posture increases your self-confidence at home or office or anywhere else.

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