Haworth Zody Chair Review : Must Read This Before Buying

Office chairs must be durable and strong for creating a healthy work environment.

Recliners with adjustable options are good for employees with back pain, spondylitis and joint problems. You must do a little research before buying a chair for your office or workspace. 

Haworth is one of the best brands making strong chairs. It makes durable chairs with new features and fine quality materials.

Haworth Zody is a beautiful recliner for home, office, shop or garage. This blog lists the features of the Haworth Zody chair along with its pros and cons.

Haworth Zody Chair Review

Haworth Zody Chair Review

This is a nice chair by Haworth that remains in good condition for a long time. Some of the best features of the Haworth Zody chair are as follows:

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1. Recycled Materials

The Haworth Zody chair contains recycled materials that do not rust or damage with time or use. These materials are tested in the labs by technicians and designers.

They add stability to the chair and make it safe for sitting, reclining or resting. Apart from that, the recycled materials also can hold heavy objects. You can use this sleek chair for many years in your home or office. 

Additionally, the materials of the chair are certified and good for the skin. This chair is free of gases, chemicals and toxic elements. It does not cause headaches or body pain. 

2. Mesh Fabric on the Backrest

The backrest of the chair contains rich quality fabric. This material is skin-friendly and does not cause skin allergies, infection or inflammation.

You can use this recliner even during hot weather. It does not cause sweating or itchiness of the skin. The Mid-backrest of the chair eliminates back pain and supports the spinal cord.

It also heals injuries of the spine and keeps your back in a straight position. Moreover, this recliner reduces back problems within a few weeks. 

3. Solid Casters

The recliner has high-quality casters made from good materials. These wheels move on every type of floor or surface. They do not bend, break, rust or damage due to water, UV rays, dust or corrosion.

Besides, the wheels also move silently on the floors while moving the chair from one room to another. You can move the chair silently without any noise.

This lightweight recliner is simple to move with one hand or leg. Easy movability is one of the best points of Haworth Zody office chair for home or office.

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4. Adjustable Positions

You can adjust the angles and positions of the chair with one hand. There is a knob on the side of the chair that helps in adjusting the angles and positions of the recliner.

You can recline the back partly or fully as per your need. This chair is good to sit, sleep, recline, rest, read, work or watch TV.

Adjusting this chair is easy for anyone and you can fix one position without much difficulty. Different angles of the chair help in increasing the flexibility of the body. 

5. Adjustable Height

You can raise or lower the height of the recliner according to the need and level of comfort. It can be raised from 16 inches to 21 inches.

You can adjust the height of the chair while working on computers or laptops, sitting, studying, reading a book or reclining.

It is a good chair for resting after a long working day. You will get relaxation and comfort in the body by sitting or resting on this chair. It is suitable for short and tall people. 

6. Smart Design

This recliner is available in 11 stunning shades. Each shade suits the interior and room’s color perfectly. These colors do not fade with use, water or dust.

The nice design of the chair suits any home or commercial area. It enhances the look of any room or office space. You can keep this recliner near the table, dining table or desk table.

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7. Lumbar Support

The lumbar support of the chair gives comfort to your back. The chair has a curved shape that suits the natural curve of the body. It also increases blood circulation in the back and eliminates back pain.

You will get a better posture by using this chair every day. It also reduces fatigue and tiredness and makes you feel active while working, watching TV or reading a book.

Moreover, the lumbar support gives a warm massage to the back and gives relief from stiffness. 

8. Padded Seat of the Recliner

The seat of the chair contains premium quality pads. These pads contain good quality materials that do not harm your body or skin.

They also give a soothing touch to your skin while working for long hours. The chair’s seat is comfortable for sitting or resting for a long time.

A padded seat reduces pain in the lower back section. The soft foam of the seat gives a nice massage to the whole body. 

9. Strong Base

This recliner of Haworth brand features a sturdy base of 5 points. It is one of the safest recliners for playing video games, resting, reclining or working on laptops. Even children can sit on this recliner to watch cartoon shows and movies.

Armrests are located on both sides of the recliner. You can lower or raise the armrests of the chair with the knob. It is easy to place hands on these armrests while reading, studying, working on laptops or reclining.

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  • This chair boosts blood circulation and oxygen levels in the body.
  • Cleaning the recliner is very simple with a damp or dry cloth.
  • This chair is built by experienced designers and craftsmen.
  • It is good for people with problems such as joint pain, Arthritis and Rheumatism.
  • The lock mechanism does not work properly.
  • This chair does not have a footrest or headrest.
  • You cannot adjust the armrests of the chair.

Final Words

With minor flaws, the Haworth Zody chair is perfect for daily use. It is comfortable and relaxing to sit or work on this sleek chair. It is affordable and easy to maintain at home or office.

So I hope this haworth zody chair review will help you in many ways and you will be taking the wise decision before making your purchase. If you’re still confused then feel free to leave your comment below.

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