Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair Review

Comfortable office chairs give long-lasting comfort as well as mental relaxation.

You must have tried using many normal office chairs but failed to get massage options or adjustable features. It is time to change your office chair if you experience intense back pain and discomfort in the hips. 

Herman Miller is the top-notch brand making the best quality office chairs. It introduces a Mirra chair for students, employees and people who have to work from home.

It is a small desk chair with fantastic features. This article provides the detailed review of herman miller mirra chair, pros and cons as well.

Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair Review

Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair
35 Reviews
Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair
  • Passive PostureFit camber shape at the base of the back gives healthful, comfortable support to the...
  • Brand Name: Herman Miller

1. Superb Look

The design of the Mirra chair is trendy and beautiful. It looks perfect in the home, office, gaming shop or mall.

The color of the chair suits the interior of any room, office or working space. Apart from that, the small size of the chair is also a benefit for small homes and offices.

You can push this recliner in any corner of the home or office after use. Moreover, the chair can fit in any limited space without much difficulty. 

2. Long Lasting Material

This chair is made from rich quality plastic. This material is tested by some of the best technicians and designers.

High-quality plastic does not affect your skin. It does not cause skin allergies, sweating, inflammation or redness. Besides, this material is also good to maintain for a long time.

It does not bend, break or damage due to force or pressure or long use. One of the benefits of high-quality plastic is that it does not rust or corrode with time, use or hit.

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3. Adjustable Backrest

You can adjust the angle of the backrest of this chair. It can remain straight at 90 degrees and can even recline up to 145 degrees while sitting, resting or sleeping.

Adjustable backrest will give extra comfort when you have to work for long hours. Backrest of the chair also includes holes that help in smooth air circulation.

Comfortable backrest gives a cool touch to your skin. It also reduces back pain and supports the spinal cord. Adjusting backrest is easy for everyone. 

4. Warranty

Many office chairs come with a one year warranty. On the other hand, Herman Miller Mirra Chair includes a warranty of 3 years.

You can get new parts or accessories for the chair within the warranty period. The manufacturer will also replace the product if it is damaged or broken within the warranty period. 

5. Skin-Friendly Fabric

This chair has breathable and skin-friendly material that does not harm your sensitive skin. It suits all skin types and protects your skin from allergies or sweating.

Maintaining this fabric is easy. Besides, it is also very simple to clean the fabric with any simple cotton cloth. The stains or marks on this fabric can be easily cleaned without any cost. You can use this chair in any type of weather.

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6. Adjustable Armrests

Armrests of the recliner contain soft pads and cure pain of the hands. You can also adjust armrests by pulling up or pushing down while working on PC or playing games.

These armrests reduce hand pain and make them more flexible. They keep your hands in a proper position. You can place your hands in a resting position while playing games for long hours or working on important projects. 

7. Strong Base

The chair has a strong base of 5-points that does not break or damage due to long use. It can hold the weight of even fat people.

This metal frame does not rust due to UV rays, water, dust or corrosion. Metal of this frame is tested and lasts for a long time. Cleaning the base of the chair is very easy with a normal cloth or dry sponge.

Moreover, this strong frame makes the chair more stable. It also increases safety while sitting, resting, working or reclining. 

8. Curved Shape Design

S-shaped design of the recliner is beneficial for the back and spinal cord. It suits your natural curve and improves posture within a few weeks.

You also get relief from a humped back with the regular use of Herman Miller Mirra Chair. Upper section of the chair is good for the neck portion.

It reduces intense pain of the neck and makes your shoulders more elastic. Moreover, it reduces stiffness and tension in the neck and shoulders.

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9. Different Tilting Angles

Tilting positions of the chair make it more useful for employees and students. It is very simple to adjust the angles of the chair with the knob.

This chair can go from 90 degrees to 140 degrees and more. You can recline on this chair after a long working day.

It targets different painful areas of the body and gives a warm massage to cure pain of the full body. You can enjoy sitting in different positions while working or playing video games.

10. Solid Wheels

Normal chairs are tough to maintain in an office, home or shop. You need to lift them while taking them from one room to another.

Contrary to that, Herman Miller Mirra Chair includes solid wheels. They help you in easy movement of the chair.

Made from premium quality material, these wheels do not break or bend while shifting the chair. They run on any kind of floor or surface without difficulty.

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Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair
35 Reviews
Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair
  • Passive PostureFit camber shape at the base of the back gives healthful, comfortable support to the...
  • Brand Name: Herman Miller

  • The chair is lightweight and easy to assemble within a few minutes.
  • It is safe for playing games, working, sitting and sleeping.
  • Cleaning the chair is easy for anyone with an odorless cleaning solution.
  • This chair does not include a headrest to relax your neck and head.
  • Short armrests cause pain while playing video games or working on laptops.
  • Backrest does not include pads.

If you want to replace your old office chairs, pick this Herman Miller Mirra chair. It has adjustable options, adjustable armrests and so on.

It is also affordable in price and has good quality seats. However, there are some defects in the chair. Overall, it is a good office chair with superb features.

When you will be having this chair then you would hardly need to buy any other office chair till next few years. So I hope this review helped you a lot.

Do let us know in comments If still you have any questions. We would love to answer them.

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