Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair Review

Outdoor trips with family and friends are memorable. You have to take various things and accessories while going for family picnics or outdoor trips.

Chair is one of the most important accessories to carry while going for trips and picnics. If you want a durable chair for outdoor trips, choose kijaro dual lock chair. 

The chairs of the Kijaro brand are high-quality and being widely used during camping. They are lightweight and portable chairs that you can carry while going on adventure trips.

In this article, we will review kijaro dual lock chair and will also explain about each features of this chair in a detailed manner.

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair

This chair is good in the looks and includes all the best features. Let us have a look at some of the features of the chair: 

1. Portable and Lightweight Chair

Bulky chairs consume a lot of space in your cars while going on family trips. This chair from Kijaro is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Foldable design is one of the major benefits of this chair.

You can carry this portable chair in your cars or private vehicles while going for adventure or outdoor trips.

Apart from that, it is also easy to move the chair within the home or beach. The chair can carry about 300 pounds of weight at a time.

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2. Locking System

Many recliners do not include this feature. Kijaro dual lock portable camping chair comes with a locking system. You can lock the parts of the chair in one fixed position.

Lock system makes this chair safe for sitting, reclining or resting. Kids will love to sit on this chair during family trips. Lock system also adds stability to the chair.

You can disengage the parts of the chair after use and carry it anywhere. 

3. Breathable Fabric

The chair is made from premium quality diamond ripstop polyester. It is skin-friendly fabric that you can use in any weather. Polyester remains good for a long time. It does not tear or damage due to use, force or pressure.

You can clean the fabric of the chair with any clean cloth or sponge. The fabric can also be cleaned with plain water or cleaning solution. 

In addition to that, the backrest of the recliner includes a mesh fabric that reduces skin irritation. It does not cause sweating, skin allergies, redness or skin infection. Moreover, this fabric makes the chair more durable for long term use. 

4. Attractive Design

You can enjoy outdoor trips and beach picnics with this beautiful chair. It is available in 11 shades. Attractive colors of the chair match your picnic mood, beach and other outdoor locations.

These chairs look stylish and stunning on the beach, playground and backyards. Attractive design of the chair makes your trips more enjoyable and exciting. You can also keep this chair at home or in the garden. It suits any kind of environment.

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5. Solid Steel Frame

This chair from the Kijaro brand contains a sturdy frame. This frame is made from top-notch steel. It does not break, bend or damage by putting force, pressure or weight.

Besides, the frame is also easy to clean with any normal cloth or dry sponge. Stable frame of the chair makes it stable and safe for long term use. Moreover, this steel frame increases safety of the chair during trips and picnics. 

6. Cup Holders and Carrying Bag

Arms of the chair include 2 mesh cup holders. You can place the glass of tea, milk or juice in these cup holders. You do not have to hold cups in your hands while enjoying a beach party or sitting in the gardens.

These cup holders are made from fine quality mesh material. They do not damage the weight of cups or bottles. You can enjoy coffee or tea while reading a book or watching a football match.

The chair contains a strap and carrying bag. You can carry this carry with the help of a strap while going for outdoor picnics and adventure trips.

Straps make it comfortable for you to carry this chair anywhere without any difficulty. Moreover, the straps do not put pressure on your body during picnics. 

7. Strong Base

The chair includes 4 solid legs. It is constructed using rich quality material that does not break or damage due to sun rays, wind, snow, rainwater or dust.

You can use this lightweight chair in any weather and at any place. Perfect material makes it possible for everyone to use this lightweight chair anytime.

The legs of the chair stay in a fixed position on beaches, mushy lands or hard surfaces. They do not damage any surface and contain soft caps.

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8. Dual Armrests

The chair has armrests on both sides. They suit hands of all sizes. You will get relief in your hands and arms by sitting on this chair.

They remove hand pain and arm pain and increase flexibility in the arms. Apart from that, the armrests are also broad and wide and make you feel comfortable while sitting on the beach or garden.

One has to carry several small things while going for outdoor trips. This chair from Kijaro brand includes an organizer that helps to keep all your small accessories. You can keep sunglasses, keys, snacks, mobile phones and headphones in this organizer.

  • The material of the chair is long-lasting as well as durable.
  • Cleaning the recliner is easy with water or dry cloth.
  • It can carry weight of even obese people.
  • You can lock the chair while going from one place to another.
  • The chair does not have headrest or foot rest.
  • Seating is very hard and causes pain in the lower hips after some hours.
  • Some parts of the chair might damage within a short time.

If you love adventure trips, this is the right chair. It has stunning features and stunning design.

The price of the kijaro dual lock chair is quite reasonable and you will get all the options that suit outdoor trip lovers. So, it is a good chair to buy for home or trips.

At last, I must say that this article would helped you in taking the right decision. Do let us know in comments about your views on this chair.

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