Best KILLABEE Gaming Chair Reviews in 2021

Gaming chairs are found in many modern homes today. They are comfortable and easy to use chairs. Apart from gaming, these chairs also serve many other purposes.

You can sit on these chairs for working, reading and watching TV. KILLABEE is a good brand manufacturing best quality of gaming chairs. 

KILLABEE gaming chair features a high back that support spine. They also remove hip and back pain. The soft padding of the seat makes you feel calm and relaxed for long hours. Let us have a glance at some of the best chairs of KILLABEE brand.

Best KILLABEE Gaming Chair

#1. KILLABEE High Back PU Leather

KILLABEE High Back PU Leather
345 Reviews
KILLABEE High Back PU Leather
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL gaming chair】 - sized at 27. 6” wide x 27. 1” deep x 48. 4” – 51. 2”...
  • 【luxurious comfort with massage lumbar Cushion】 - Boasting a thick soft Seat cushion -...
  • 【HIGHLY adjustable - customize to your needs】 - You can easily adjust our gaming chair with the...
  • 【STURDY, secure high Quality office chair】 - constructed with attention to detail and using...
  • 【risk free purchase】 - offering you excellent after-sales service with a customer support team...

KILLABEE brings one of the most comfortable chairs for teens and adults. This is a stunning gaming chair cum recliner for game lovers and employees. It is made from fine quality Faux leather that does not harm your skin.

This fabric does not make your skin red or cause sweating or rashes. The chair has quick installation and simple assembly. It can also carry a weight of about 250 pounds.

The ergonomic design of the recliner is suitable for the body. It removes back pain and strain from other parts of the body. Besides, it also relaxes your neck, back and shoulders.

The chair features a retractable footrest for comfort of working or playing racing games. It also includes armrests that remove pain from the hands and relax your forearms. This chair supports your spine and cures back pain.

In addition to that, the seat cushion is of good quality that relaxes the full body. It also features lumbar support that gives comfortable gaming experience. The thin body of the chair makes it easy for you to place this chair anywhere in the home or office. 

The chair has good wheels that help in moving it from one room to another. They do not damage any kind of floor or surface even after many uses. Moreover, the lumbar cushion removes strain on the back and neck.

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  • This gaming recliner is lightweight and easy to move anywhere.
  • It can be adjusted into various angles and positions.
  • The chair includes a USB electric massager that removes tiredness and fatigue.
  • It has adjustable height for convenient use.
  • No spare or extra parts are included with the recliner.
  • The recliner has poor quality under seat metal bracket.
  • Bottom screws do not stay in a fixed position.
  • Bad quality armrests and you cannot adjust them.

#2. KILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb

KILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb
447 Reviews
KILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb
  • 【Super Comfortable Racing Style Chair】 - This ergo design chair will upgrade your gaming...
  • 【Plenty of Adjustment Options】- You can adjust every single part of this racing style gaming...
  • 【Solid Design & Quality Construction】- Integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of...
  • 【Large Seat & Headrest Pillow & Lumbar Cushion】- This Grand gaming chair is exceptionally...
  • 【We Care, We Listen, We'll Do Better】 - We have updated the install instruction video on...

This is a tall gaming chair with nice design. It features an ergonomic design that relaxes your body and removes tiredness. There are 4 amazing shades available in this chair that suit interior of any room. Apart from that, the rich quality leather also gives comfort of sitting or working on chair for long hours. 

This recliner can hold a weight of about 400 pounds. It also has armrests that give relaxation to your hands after a long tiring day. The strong metal frame of the chair does not rust or corrode with use or time. It also features memory foam that cures back and hip pain. You can sit on this chair for watching movies and TV shows. 

In addition to that, the high back of this gaming chair supports your spinal cord. It adjusts according to the natural curve of the body. Besides, it also contains high-quality pads that keep your spinal cord straight and erect.

The height of this recliner can be adjusted according to your need and type of task. The smooth wheels of the chair help in moving it from one place to another. 

Additionally, the cleaning task of the chair is quite easy. You can clean the recliner with a simple cotton cloth or wet sponge. The headrest pillow supports neck, back, shoulders and spinal cord.

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  • It has large seat that gives comfort of playing games for long hours.
  • You can keep this sleek chair beside your office desk or in any room of the home.
  • It is good for old people with joint problems.
  • This recliner cures pain in the neck, back and hands.
  • Leather releases a bad odor after some weeks.
  • It does not give effective massage to the body.
  • Bad quality mechanism and it stops after few uses.

#3. KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair
893 Reviews
KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION】 - innovative implant USB electric massager makes the lumbar cushion effectively...
  • 【PLUSH COMFORT】 - Memory foam padding on top of the existing seat cushion and premium PU...
  • 【HIGH-SECURITY】 - Integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international...
  • 【LARGE SIZE: Overall dimension】 - 27. 6" x 22. 4"x 49. 6"- 52. 8" (W x D x H); seating area...
  • 【EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】 - 1 year on parts. Any dissatisfaction with our products or...

Designed from fine quality leather, this is the new age chair for game lovers. It can be used at home or office. With a huge capacity to hold weight of about 350 lbs., this chair is good for daily use.

It also features lumbar support that improves your body shape. It gives relaxation to your arms, hands, neck, back and shoulders. You can sit, rest, work, sleep and relax on this modern recliner. 

The chair has rich quality wheels that help in moving chair from one place to another. You can also adjust height of this recliner according to your need and type of task. It features adjustable armrests that remove pain in the hands and legs. Besides, it also has a lock system that helps in locking different positions of the chair. 

In addition to that, the rich quality leather does not cause skin rashes, infection or itchiness. It does not cause sweating even after long hours. You can use this recliner even in hot summers and winters. The seat also contains nice quality cushion that relaxes your back and spinal cord. 

The swivel base of the chair helps in moving it at any angle and direction. It can be tilted up to an angle of 155 degrees. Moreover, this gaming chair is good for old people with problems such as Arthritis and joint pain.

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  • It has footrest that you can extend according to your task and need.
  • Smooth wheels do not leave marks on the floors or surfaces.
  • High backrest supports spinal cord and removes back pain.
  • Headrest with pillow relaxes pain from the neck and back.
  • There is no system to lock this chair at rock-backed angle.
  • The seat is hard and harms your hips after few hours.
  • It is costly chair as compared to other chairs.

#4. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair
5,398 Reviews
VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION】 - Innovative implant USB electric massager makes the lumbar cushion effectively...
  • 【PLUSH COMFORT】 - This chair boasts a flat wide seat, which provides additional space for...
  • 【EASY TO PUT TOGETHER】 - Our gaming chair comes with all hardware & necessary tools and...
  • 【LARGE SIZE】 - Overall dimension: 26.8’’ x 26.8’’x 48.8’’-52.0’’ (L x W x H);...
  • 【EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】 - 1 year warranty on parts. Any dissatisfaction with our...

Available in 6 stunning shades, this is a nice chair with ergonomic design. It adjusts according to the natural curve of the body. The chair has high back supports your spinal cord while working for long hours.

Apart from that, this recliner also relaxes your shoulders and increase flexibility in the body. The high-quality leather of this recliner does not affect your skin or cause sweating.

The footrest of the chair can be extended for any task and comfort. It has thin body that can fit in any small space of the office or home. Lumbar cushion helps to remove tiredness and fatigue from the body after a long tiring day.

The swivel base helps to rotate this chair at any angle or direction. This recliner is designed by the skilled craftsmen. It also has a capacity to carry weight of about 250 lbs.

In addition to that, the armrests of the chair are adjustable and give calm feeling to your hands. The soft pads of the seat give relaxation to the full body. They also remove pain of the back and hips within a short time. Moreover, the color of the seat does not fade with sunrays, water and dust. 

Additionally, the strong wheels help to move from one place to another. The chair is stable and improves structure of the body.

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  • This office recliner is easy to assemble and maintain.
  • The smooth base of the chair does not damage any kind of floor or surface.
  • This recliner has a wide seat for working, gaming and sitting.
  • It is good for people with joint pain and leg pain.
  • The chair has a short term warranty of 1 year.
  • It has very short armrests and makes tall people feel uncomfortable while sitting or working or reclining.

KILLABEE Gaming Chairs – Buying Guide

KILLABEE chairs are the best quality gaming chairs for teens, adults and kids. They come with a variety of features that a gamer wants in the chair.

If you want to purchase the best KILLABEE chairs, consider some factors. These factors will help you in picking the right chair for gaming.

#1. Style and Comfort

The first thing to consider is the style of the chair. Gaming chairs come in two types and those are large padded office chairs and racing style recliners.

You should look at your comfort while picking the type of chair for your room. The chair that suits your mood and work is the right pick.

#2. Size

If you are obese, it is not a smart decision to invest in sleek chair. You must choose the chairs that match your height and weight. Most of the gaming recliners today can carry weight between 250 lbs. and 300 lbs.

Some chairs can also carry weight of about 400 lbs. Apart from that, some gaming chairs also give comfort to short people.

So, it is necessary to look at your height and weight and then pick the chair.

#3. Chair Cost

The next factor to see is the price of the chair. The cost of the chair varies from model to model. It also increases with the features.

Apart from that, the quality of fabric of the chair also plays an important role in determining the price.

It is not necessary that paying heavy price will give a good product. So, you need to look at your comfort while choosing a chair.

#4. Audio Speakers

Gaming provides more entertainment when you have good quality and loud speakers. If you love playing tracks along with gaming, choose the chairs with loud speakers. These chairs are good for intense gaming.

#5. Ergonomic Design

The next thing to see in this gaming chairs is its ergonomic shape. This feature is necessary for gaming and working.

Ergonomic shape relaxes your full body and removes pain from various parts of the body. Besides, these chairs also suit the natural curve of the body.

#6. Lumbar Support

Playing games for long hours can cause back pain. You must look at the chairs with lumbar support feature.

This feature helps in improving structure and keeping your spine straight. The chairs with lumbar support cure back pain and relax your neck and shoulders.


#1. Are KILLABEE Chairs Good?

Yes, KILLABEE is the popular brand making good gaming chairs with the help of latest technology. It also has different adjustments and settings.

These chairs come with features such as headrest, footrest, armrest, lumbar support, lock mechanism and so on. They remove back pain and relax your shoulders and neck. 

#2. Is KILLABEE a Good Brand?

Yes, KILLABEE has made a good image in the area of gaming chairs. It uses rich quality leather and other materials that do not affect your skin.

The gaming chairs from KILLABEE brand have extendable footrest, adjustable armrest, tilt mechanism, and so on. They remove pain from the back, neck and shoulders. 

#3. How Long Does KILLABEE take to Ship?

Killabee chairs are easily available on popular sites. As the moment you place the order of Killabee chairs on the site, the shipment will take about 3 to 5 business days. 

#4. How Do You Assemble a Gaming Chair?

It is very easy to assemble the gaming chairs of Killabee brand. You have to turn the star base in the upward direction. Then you have to press down the casters in the holes at the end of base layer.

The next step is to turn the star base in an upward direction. Now, put the lift in the center hole of this star base. 

#5. How Long Do Gaming Chairs Last?

If you buy a good quality gaming chair, it can remain in working condition for about 5 years. On average, the gaming chairs work for 2 to 3 years.

The life of a gaming chair depends on various factors such as type of fabric, amount of hours you sit on the chair, cost of chair and so on.

So these are the best KILLABEE gaming chairs which you should consider while buying one for you. Still have any question? then feel free to ask below in comments.

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