Mid Back Vs High Back Chair — Which One’s For You?

Back design is very important to look at while purchasing any recliner. Many gaming recliners today come with mid-back and high back. Different people need different back designs in the case of recliners.

If you are a true gaming fan, high back chairs will be beneficial for your needs. On the other hand, the mid-back chair is good for office use. 

This blog will show the differences between mid-back and high back chairs. You can know the benefits and drawbacks of both the chairs in this blog. It will be easier for you to pick one from both chairs.

Mid Back Vs High Back Chair

Mid Back Vs High Back Chair

Advantages of High Back Chairs

High back chairs have a longer backrest than normal recliners. They have many benefits such as:

  • These chairs provide additional support to your spinal cord, neck, back and shoulders. 
  • You get many options to adjust this chair in several ways. 
  • High back chairs are good for tall people. 
  • They come with a large headrest that relaxes your head, shoulders and neck. 
  • They are good for people who have to work for long hours at home or office. 
  • The high back chair comes with upper back support. This feature is not available in normal recliners. 
  • It reduces the risk of falling or slipping while playing games or working on PC and laptops. 

Why is it a Better Option to Go for High Back Chairs?

The first thing that is good about high back chairs is the appearance. They look more attractive and unique than mid-back chairs. You can buy a high back chair for your study room, drawing room, bedroom or office space. 

The next thing that makes a high back chair more attractive is the headrest. The high back chair has a larger headrest than mid-back chairs. A large headrest will support your neck, head and shoulders and remove neck pain. 

In addition to that, many other nice features make a high back chair a better option. High back chairs provide more support to your back, neck, head and spinal cord.

You can also make a lot of adjustments in high back chairs. They can adjust in various angles for sitting, resting and reading tasks. You can also place your forearms on the armrests comfortably. 

If you suffer from intense back pain, choose a high back chair. It removes back pain and supports the spinal cord. Your backache will get cured after using high back chairs for a long time. 

Mid Back Chair

The mid-back chair is the one in which the backrest is shorter than a high back chair. Like the high back chair, this chair does not have an additional part to support the head.

Apart from that, the mid-back chair is short in height. Just like high back chairs, mid-back chairs also have many benefits for the body. 

Benefits of Mid Back Chair

Mid Back chair is short and small in the size. It has many benefits for the body such as:

  • This chair is good for workspaces and small offices. 
  • It features a modern design with a headrest, armrest and footrest. 
  • You can get a variety of color options while purchasing a mid-back chair. 
  • It is good for people who have to work for short periods. 
  • You can get mid back chairs in different fabrics such as mesh, leather and so on. 

What is Good About a Mid-Back Chair?

The backrest of a mid-back chair is not as high as a high-back chair. But it gives good support to the spinal cord and back. Your shoulder blade can get additional support by sitting on the mid-back chair. 

You can choose a mid-back chair for a meeting room and conference room. It is a good option for those who have to work for about 4 to 5 hours. You can move freely from one desk to another desk by sitting on mid-back designs. 

Additional Differences Between High Back Chairs and Mid-Back Chairs

If you are confused while choosing an option between a high back and mid-back chairs, there are many other factors to consider as under:

  • Ergonomic Features

You have to look at ergonomic features while picking the high back and mid-back chairs. The most important features are upper back support and a headrest.

You should look at the features such as back support, lumbar support and height adjustability. Besides, you must also see whether the chair provides comfort for long hours or causes sweating and skin irritation. Choose the fabric and design that suit your body and give comfort. 

  • Cost

If you have a low budget, pick a mid-back chair. It is cost-effective and comes with various features. The average cost of a mid-back chair is between $100 and $300.

Mid-back chairs give a lot of features that employees want in their workspace. If you increase your budget, you can get effective mid-back chairs with all the good features. 

  • Tasks

The next factor to look at in the chair is the purpose. If you have to work for short periods at home or office, pick the mid-back chair. These chairs have a low back and give support to your spinal cord. You can work comfortably on these chairs. 

If you want a chair for intense gaming, choose a high back chair. These chairs have a high back that gives comfort and relaxation to your spinal cord.

They also have adjustable armrests that relax your hands and forearms. A high back chair allows you to sit for long hours. They also remove fatigue and tiredness from the body. 

If you have small spaces and tight spots in your workspace, choose mid back chairs. These chairs are good for the people who have to work for a short time. 

  • Space

The next factor to see is the space. If you have less space, pick a mid-back chair. On the other hand, choose high back chairs for larger office spaces and workstations. 

Final Words

These factors will help you in getting the right kind of chair for your workspace and offices. You can consider these factors while buying a high back or mid back chair.

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