8 Best Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs ( 2021 Edition )

High productivity is necessary for better work quality. If you want to boost productivity at the office, choose a good office chair. A durable office chair gives comfort and relaxation to the body.

It also reduces pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders. There are many good office chairs available in the market today. Every office chair has different features, fabric, and adjustment options. 

Mid century modern office chair have a stable base, mid backrest and durable materials. If you want to purchase a new office chair, read this blog.

It lists all the best office chairs with a modern look for home and office use.

mid century modern office chair

Best Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

#1. Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair
3,602 Reviews
Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair
  • New upgraded swivel accent chair with arms, can spin it 360°.
  • Easy installation.
  • Overall Dimension: 22.83"W x 23.62 "D x 33.46"H. Roomy depth and wide seat optimize comfort. Great...
  • Comfortable sitting experience, firm and well-cushioned with an ample seating space. You can curl up...
  • Mid-Century modern style and fresh sky-blue color make the perfect match for most home décor while...

This is a pretty mid-century modern office chair. It has a simple design with a solid base. You will get this office chair in more than 10 shades.

Modern design of the chair suits your dining room, study room, bedroom or drawing room. It has a small size and you can keep it in any small working space or room.  

The material of the chair is of premium quality. It does not affect your skin during hot weather. Apart from that, the fabric is also tested by good technicians.

This fabric does not tear or damage due to use, dust or allergens. You can clean stains or tea marks on this fabric easily with cleaning solution and water. 

This modern office chair can hold a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Due to the solid bottom, the chair does not break or bend even with pressure or weight.

It is a lightweight chair that you can keep in the office, study room, shop or meeting room. This chair has a swivel base to move it in all directions and angles as per your need.

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  • The chair comes with armrests that eliminate pain in the hands and arms.
  • It has a firm seat with good quality cushion.
  • Soft fabric of the back reduces pain in the back and supports the spinal cord.
  • A bad odor emits from this chair.
  • Pads are not of good quality and cause pain after using the chair for a few hours.

#2. Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair

Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair
427 Reviews
Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN - Leatherette Office Chair in camel color is designed to add an accent and stylish...
  • ASSEMBLY AND CLEAN REQUIRED - Easy to assemble, perfect as a office chair. Easy to maintain clean,...
  • FLEXIBLE ADJUSTMENT- Provide your comfort with this home office chair, 87°-106° adjustable angel...
  • LOAD-BEARING: 275 lbs - Safely certified pressure rods, combined with the perfect sponge cushion,...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Whether you're responding to emails, evaluating reports, or brainstorming with...

If you have a problem with chronic back pain, choose this office chair. It is a good office chair with adjustable features.

This chair comes in different colors that make your office or room look more attractive. Fine quality leather of the chair gives relaxation to the skin and protects it from sweating and inflammation. 

This office recliner is lightweight and durable. It can also hold a maximum weight of about 275 pounds.

You can assemble this recliner within a few minutes. It does not have any special tools or equipment to assemble the chair. You can place this office chair in any small space.  

In addition to that, you can adjust the chair between 87 degrees and 106 degrees when you have to work on laptops or PCs. It also features a solid base of metal that does not break or bend due to force or burden. 

Casters of the recliner help you to shift the chair from one place to another. They run on all types of floors and surfaces.

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  • You can tilt the chair in any position during rest or work.
  • It has a strong frame that increases safety while working or resting.
  • Armrests have soft pads that reduce hand pain.
  • Curved shape backrest suits the natural shape of the body.
  • Armrests are very low and cause pain to the hands.
  • Lumbar support is of cheap quality.

#3. Volans Mid Century Modern Swivel Office Chair

Volans Mid Century Modern Swivel Office Chair
357 Reviews
Volans Mid Century Modern Swivel Office Chair
  • 【Easy-to-Match】:Featuring chess board look bentwood back, back and seat with classic pleated...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】:Feature ergonomic curved seats and backs with padded seat cushion to mimic...
  • 【Comfortable】:The right amount of comfort and firmness ultra-thick padding will help you have...
  • 【Sturdy & Easy to Clean】:Holds over 265 lbs with sturdy stainless steel metal frame. Faux...
  • 【Dimension】:Overall Size: 19.88" W x 21.06"D x 30.71 - 35.04"H;Seat Size: 19.88"W x...

This is a modern office chair with attractive design. Made from premium quality Faux leather, this office chair can hold a maximum weight of about 265 lbs.

The chair has an L-shaped design that suits the natural curve of the body. It also helps in improving posture of the body within a few weeks. 

The seat of the chair contains a premium quality cushion that reduces body pain. You can also adjust the height of the chair with the help of a knob.

The metal frame of the chair does not break, bend or damage due to rust or corrosion. It adds stability to the chair and makes it safe for long periods sitting or working or playing video games. 

Leather fabric does not get stains. You can also clean this fabric with simple cloth. Straight armrests help you to keep your hands comfortably. The swivel function helps in rotating the recliner in any direction. 

Additionally, this lightweight chair is easy to move from one place to another. It has mid back that helps in decreasing pain in the back.

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  • Backrest supports spinal cord and cures spine injuries.
  • This chair is very comfortable and relaxing for long use.
  • High-density foam of the chair gives a cool touch to the body.
  • Hydraulic system helps in raising or lowering this recliner.
  • Backrest is very low and it is not suitable for tall people.
  • Base of the chair does not include wheels.

#4. Mastery Mart High Back Office Chair

Mastery Mart High Back Office Chair
251 Reviews
Mastery Mart High Back Office Chair
  • Proudly sold and made by Mastery Mart Inc. Stylish look and premium ribbed PU leather and soft...
  • #1 Rated Management chair and Easy installation - Mid century modern office chair is always an...
  • Mastery Mart's promises: Rolling caster wheels - Full of flexibility and suitable for hardwoord...
  • Multi-function Mechanism -The recline mechanism allows you to relax from busy work through pulling...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you don't absolutely love your Mastery Mart Chair, we guarantee...

If you have long working hours, choose this sleek chair. It is a lightweight task chair that is good for regular use. You can keep this chair in the conference room, meeting room, shop, and garage or study room. It is made from long-lasting material that never damages or breaks. 

This chair is available in 2 fabric materials. You can recline it fully or partly according to the type of task and comfort. The base of the chair is made from reinforced materials that give stability to it. This chair is safe for teens and adults. You can sit or work for long hours on this chair. 

In addition to that, the chair comes with a locking mechanism. You can lock one position of the chair while working or resting. It is very easy to put the chair in a reclining position by pulling out a handle. 

Additionally, the chair includes sleek armrests that give a cool feeling to the hands. They also make your shoulders more flexible and elastic. Moreover, this chair is easy to move because of solid casters.

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  • The seat of the chair is wide and large.
  • It is easy to install this chair without special tools.
  • You can place this task chair on any type of floor.
  • Adjustable height of the recliner makes this chair perfect for everyone.
  • The recliner does not contain pads for comfort.
  • Armrests are not adjustable.

#5. Porthos Home Dove Office Chairs in Mid-Century Modern Design

Porthos Home Dove Office Chairs in Mid-Century Modern Design
213 Reviews
Porthos Home Dove Office Chairs in Mid-Century Modern Design
  • [EASY-TO-MATCH MID CENTURY FURNITURE] sporting a sleek silhouette which makes Mid Century modern...
  • [WATER AND STAIN RESISTANT LEATHER UPHOLSTERY] this Porthos Home Mid Century modern desk chair is...
  • [SPECIFICATIONS OF PORTHOS HOME DOVE CENTURY FURNITURE] size W 21.25 x D 21.25 x H 30.3 - 35 inches;...
  • [RISK-FREE COMPUTER CHAIR] at Porthos Home, your satisfaction is Our Top priority, all Our products...

Available in 2 stunning colors, this task chair is ideal for daily use. You can place it near any desk or table. This chair is good for a bedroom, study room or drawing room.

Apart from that, it is also a good chair for working space, office, shop or garage. Premium quality leather of the chair lasts for a long time. It does not cause skin redness or sweating. 

The chair is made from rich quality wood that does not damage or break due to force. It also has a stainless steel frame that makes the chair more durable and long-lasting. The knob under the chair helps in tilting it at any angle. This recliner is very comfortable for sitting, resting or reclining. 

Additionally, this chair has high-quality wheels for easy movement. These wheels run on all types of floors or surfaces.

They do not bend or break with use, time, force or pressure. You can clean stains and marks of tea and coffee on this fabric with water and soft sponge.

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  • You can raise or lower the chair with the knob.
  • It reduces back pain and supports the spinal cord.
  • You will get a better posture with the regular use of this recliner.
  • It reduces strain on the neck and shoulders.
  • Backrest is very small for tall users.
  • It has small armrests that cause pain in the hands while working on a PC.

#6. 2xhome Brown Modern Mid Century Chair

2xhome Brown Modern Mid Century Chair
205 Reviews
2xhome Brown Modern Mid Century Chair
  • Mid Back Swivel Chair
  • Modern ribbed stitching with PU leatherette office chair upholstery, to offer extra comfortable in...
  • Padded arm rests
  • Adjustable seat height and tilt tension control(Tilt up to 20 degrees or upright locking position).
  • Supportive chrome steel base with 5 wheel casters

Now, you can enhance your working space with this stylish office chair. It is one of the best mid-century modern chairs for professional and personal use. You can keep it in your home, office, shop or garage. Because of compact size, this chair can fit in any small space easily. 

It is made from premium leather that does not harm any skin type. It also protects your skin from irritation and sweating.

There are several colors available in this recliner that suit your room or working space. Apart from that, the chair also has high-quality stitches that do not spoil even after long use. 

Additionally, this recliner has sturdy wheels that can work on any type of floor. They do not bend or damage with time, use or force. The frame of the chair is made from high-quality stainless steel. It does not rust due to UV rays, water or dust. 

Padded seat gives comfort for many hours. The backrest of the chair has stripped design that reduces back pain.

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  • You can adjust the chair up to 20 degrees while resting or sitting.
  • The bottom of 5 points makes this office recliner safe and stable.
  • Tension helps in controlling the angles of the chair.
  • Swivel base of the chair helps in rotating it at any angle.
  • Thin armrests cause pain in the arms while playing games.
  • Seat cushion is not soft.

#7. Porthos Home Branson Mid-Century Style Office Chairs

Porthos Home Branson Mid-Century Style Office Chairs
63 Reviews
Porthos Home Branson Mid-Century Style Office Chairs
  • [360° SWIVEL CHAIRS WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT] this Porthos Home desk chair is all about freedom of...
  • [ERGONOMIC COMPUTER CHAIR] This piece of office furniture can be the best office chair to be sitting...
  • [WATER AND STAIN RESISTANT FABRIC UPHOLSTERY] you can easily keep this ergonomic chair clean as its...
  • [SPECIFICATIONS OF PORTHOS HOME ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT] (Height) 31.1-35.83 x (width) 20.28 x...
  • [RISK-FREE 1-YEAR WARRANTY] We value our customer’s satisfaction, that’s why we offer a 1-year...

Having good fabric, this task chair is very comfortable. It comes with a wide range of adjustable features. This chair is lightweight and easy to assemble and maintain. The chair is small and fits in small working spaces and homes. You can adjust the recliner at any angle according to your need and comfort. 

The chair has a swivel base that helps in rotating it in any direction. You can adjust the height of the chair according to the task and comfort. It is suitable for tall and short users. 

Additionally, the legs of the chair are made from stainless steel. It never rusts or corrodes with time or use. Wheels of the recliner move on all types of floors and surfaces. They do not break or spoil after long use. 

Premium quality fabric of the chair is good for skin types. You can use this recliner even during hot summer. It protects your skin from allergies, infection and inflammation.

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  • The chair has depth for comfort and relaxation.
  • It improves the natural posture of the body.
  • This chair includes armrests to reduce hand pain.
  • You can clean the chair with any simple cloth or sponge.
  • This recliner reduces strain on the neck and shoulders.
  • This chair lacks headrest and footrest.
  • Arms of the chair are small and low.
  • Mid backrest causes pain in the back.

#8. Volans Mid Century Modern Swivel Desk Chair

Volans Mid Century Modern Swivel Desk Chair
63 Reviews
Volans Mid Century Modern Swivel Desk Chair
  • The unique hollow gold-plated metal leg not only brings fashion and luxury to your home, but also...
  • Skin-friendly fabric, soft and delicate feel. Filled with comfortable high density foam, provide...
  • 360 degree swivel function provides convenience for daily life and work, is an alternative to a...
  • Prefect for small space, this swivel armchair will be the highlight of your living room, bedroom,...
  • Dimensions: 22.83" W x 24.21"D x 33.27"H;Seat Size: 16.93"W x 16.93"D;Seat Height: 18.11"....

This is a small and modern office chair. It comes in unique colors. The stylish design of the chair suits the interior of any office, bedroom, working space or study room.

Small size of the recliner helps to keep it in any limited space. It is also quick to assemble this recliner. Maintaining the chair is easy at home or office. It is built by experienced and skilled designers. 

Good-quality material of the recliner does not cause sweating or irritation of the skin. The stains on this fabric are easy to clean with a cleaning solution.

You can move the chair in any direction because of the swivel base. It also comes with high-density foam that relaxes your full body. It reduces backache and pain in the body. 

This chair has a stable base. It can carry the weight of fat people. You will get long-lasting comfort by sitting on this recliner. Golden-plated legs increase safety of the chair. It is safe for sitting, resting or working on computers. Moreover, this recliner is safe for everyone.

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  • The chair is sleek and has a small size.
  • It has fine quality fabric that does not tear or damage.
  • Backrest gives comfort to your spine and cures its injuries.
  • Handrail design reduces pain in the hands and arms.
  • This chair reduces pressure on the neck and increases elasticity in the shoulders.
  • It improves the posture of the body day by day.
  • Pads of the chair are not thick.
  • There is no headrest in this chair.
  • This chair lacks footrest.

So after reviewing all these selected mid century modern office chairs, I sure that it will help you choose the right office chair for yourself. Now you wouldn’t be having any confusion about the selection of the chairs.

We often get confused with so many options available and find it difficult the choose one. But now you must have got the clear idea about which to buy.

Also If you have any query regarding any of the chair above or any other question then feel free to comment below. I would love to answer your queries.

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