How To Prevent Hip Pain During The Workday

Long working hours and complex projects give result in hip pain. Many males, as well as females, have the problem of hip pain these days. It might seem a minor health issue at the first but can also lead to Arthritis and Rheumatism. Hip pain can ruin the daily plans at home and office. 

If you do not cure hip pain at the right time, you might have to spend on operations and knee replacement surgeries. There are several ways to stop hip pain that you can try in your daily life.

Prevent Hip Pain

What are the Main Causes of Hip Pain?

We do not take hip pain seriously but it is a severe health issue. Many people are unaware of the pain of hip pain and continue to do the same mistakes. If you feel pain in the hips during working hours, it might be due to several reasons such as:

1. Muscle Strain

Performing tasks such as lifting heavy items and stretching your body can lead to hip pain. These activities cause muscle strain and put pressure on the ligaments. It further leads to pain and inflammation in those areas and disturb the working of the hips. 

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is the most common reason for hip pain in adults. It affects the hip joint and causes inflammation in the hips. People who have Arthritis experience stiffness in the hips. 

3. Bursitis

Bursitis is another problem in which the bones and muscles rubbing. This can lead to pain and inflammation in the hips and joints. The major causes of Bursitis are repetitive physical activities and strain on the muscles. 

4. Cancers

Tumors and cancers can also cause inflammation and pain in the bones and hips. 

5. Hip Labral Tear

The hip labral tear causes in the cartilage. It also causes pain and inflammation in the hip joint. This problem is caused mainly due to twisting movements.

What are the Symptoms of Hip Pain?

People experience different symptoms of hip pain. There are various symptoms of hip pain such as under:

  • Discomfort in the thighs
  • Pain in the thighs
  • Inflammation and pain in the inner hip joint 
  • Pain in the back and spinal cord

Ways to Prevent Hip Pain

Hip pain during work is very common in males and females. If you feel intense pain in the hips, you can try the following ways to cure it. 

  • Medications

The first way to cure hip pain is by medications. You can consult your doctor and take prescribed medicines. There are different drugs to cure inflammation such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen.

Apart from that, you can also try various Rheumatoid arthritis treatments like sulfasalazine, methotrexate and biologics. These treatments strengthen the immune system and cure the pain of the hips well. 

  • Placing Ice Packs

Another effective remedy to cure hip pain is to place ice cubes on the affected areas. You can place ice packs on the painful areas for about 20 minutes.

Ice cubes work effectively in painful areas and reduce inflammation. You will get a soothing touch in the hips within a few minutes by placing ice cubes. 

  • Hot Shower or Bath

You can also try another trick to cure hip pain. Heat is one of the most effective solutions to reduce pain in the hips. You can place hot bags on the hips and heat will release pain within a few minutes.

Besides, you can also take a hot shower or bath to get relief from hip pain. A hot bath makes your muscles more flexible and elastic. 

  • Daily Workouts and Exercises

Doing workouts and exercises daily can also reduce hip pain. You can do stretching and low-impact exercises daily to get relief in the hips. The most effective exercises include swimming, cycling and rollerblading and so on. These exercises increase physical motion in the body and reduce hip pain. 

  • Check Seating Position

Sitting in the wrong position can also cause hip pain. You must sit straight on the chair while working on the PC and laptop. Do not lean or hunch over while working on PC and laptops. Apart from that, you can also buy a standing desk that allows sitting and standing every few minutes. 

  • Do Regular Hip Stretches

Another way to cure hip pain is to do hip stretches. Sitting in one place for the full day will cause pain and irritation in your hips. You can stretch your legs and do hip stretches to cure hip pain. This will increase mobility and flexibility in the muscles and bones. 

  • Take Breaks

If you have long working hours, it is better to take breaks every hour or two. Talk a short walk in the office or do stretches to remove stiffness in the muscles. Moving body enhances flexibility and cures hip pain.

Besides, it also accelerates the blood supply in the painful areas and removes stiffness. Blood circulation will heal the pain in the hips and reduce burning sensation and inflammation. 

When to Get Medical Help?

Many people do not take hip pain seriously. Hip pain should be treated right before it turns into a major health issue. So, if you feel a slight pain in the hips or stiffness in the muscles, you should consult the doctor. You should get medical help in the following situations:

  • When you spot bleeding from your joints
  • You experience sudden pain in the hips or legs
  • When your hips cannot take a heavy weight 
  • If you cannot move your legs or hips easily, it is time to consult a doctor. 
  • When a popping noise comes from the joints during injuries. 
  • When the pain or inflammation becomes unbearable or intense in your hips or legs. 
  • When there is any injury or wound in the painful areas of the hips. 

Final Words

Hip pain can affect your life to a large extent. You cannot do regular work effectively due to hip pain. If you see any of the above symptoms in your body, it is time to consult your doctor at the right time.

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