Serta iComfort i5000 Chair Review

Office chair with comfortable tilt angles gives the joy of working in any way. There are several office chairs today that come with good and flexible features. Some chairs also have a massage function to relax pain during long working hours. 

If you want a comfortable and solid office chair, pick a Serta chair.  It is one of the most relaxing chairs for home and office use.

The chair also comes with smart features such as smooth casters, adjustable armrests and height and a padded headrest.

This article lists the 2 comfortable serta icomfort i5000 chair that you can buy for your small offices and rooms.

Serta iComfort i5000 Chair Review

#1. Serta iComfort i5000 Series Big & Tall Chair

Serta iComfort i5000 Series Big & Tall Chair
16 Reviews

Many employees have the problem of intense back pain. If you suffer from hand and back pain, pick this lightweight chair. It is made from rich quality bonded leather that gives comfort to your skin. Apart from that, you can also use this chair during hot or cold weather.

Premium quality leather does not cause skin itchiness, allergies and irritation. It also prevents your skin from sweating even while sitting for long hours. Maintaining this fabric is easy for a long time. You can clean stains of tea or coffee with wet cloth.     

The chair is designed by skilled craftsmen. It has solid construction and does not bend or break with use or time. The strong gas lift helps to raise or lower the chair while reading, reclining, working, watching TV or studying. Because of its small body, this chair can fit in any limited space.

You can keep the chair in your dining area, living room, study room or office. It is easy to maintain this office chair at home or office.  Besides, this chair also has many other nice features that give comfort to your body.

1. Adjustable Armrests

Your hands and arms pain the most while working on laptops or computers. This chair comes with padded arms that you can adjust anyway. These armrests are designed from soft pads that reduce the pain of the hands and arms.

They also boost elasticity in the hands and make your hands and forearms more flexible. Moreover, these armrests make working a fun or reading for long hours.

2. Comfortable Headrest

Headrest of the chair features soft foam. This foam gives relaxation to your head. It also reduces stress, headache and depression.

This headrest supports the neck, shoulders and spinal cord. It reduces inflammation and burning sensation in the neck. 

3. High Backrest

The chair features a tall backrest. This backrest contains pads that reduce back pain and inflammation in the waist.

It also massages your back and makes it flexible. This chair is beneficial for employees who suffer from back pain, hip pain and spondylitis. It reduces pressure on the back and makes it elastic. 

4. Fine Quality Wheels

Solid wheels of the chair help in easy movement of the chair. These wheels are made from top-quality metal that never rusts or breaks because of pressure.

They also work on all types of floors and surfaces. Anyone can move the chair from one room to another with one hand or leg. These wheels do not damage your floors or surfaces. You can clean these casters with a wet cloth. 

5. Padded Seat

The seat of the chair features pads. These pads are relaxing and reduce pain and discomfort within a few minutes. This chair is good for reclining, resting, relaxing, sitting, reading or studying.

You will also get comfort in the lower hip section while working or studying. Furthermore, this chair is perfect for students, housewives, old people and employees.

This chair has a bottom of 5 points that make it safe and durable. It is good for resting, sitting or working on laptops. Because of the strong body, this chair does not cause falling or slipping when sitting or resting. 

6. Tilt Adjustments

You can change the angles of this office chair in 3 ways. You can pull the backrest in the front side or push it back. It also remains in a straight angle when you have to work for a long time. The tilt mechanism helps to sit or work comfortably on this chair for a long time. 


  • The chair can be easily cleaned with a sponge or cotton cloth. 
  • You can adjust the chair’s angles and height with a knob. 
  • It suits both tall and short users. 
  • The chair boosts blood circulation in the body and reduces pain. 
  • You will get better mental focus by sitting on this lightweight chair. 


  • The chair does not have a leg rest. 
  • It has very small armrests that cause uneasiness and discomfort. 
  • The chair does not have lumbar support. 
  • It is available only in 1 color. 

#2. Serta iComfort i5000 Series High-Back Chair

Serta iComfort i5000 Series High-Back Chair
8 Reviews
Serta iComfort i5000 Series High-Back Chair
  • Focus on completing your daily tasks in the comfort of this Serta iComfort i5000 high-back executive...
  • Backrest with lumbar support allows a healthier sitting posture.
  • Accommodates weights of up to 300 lb.
  • Meets and/or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.
  • Backed by the manufacturer's 10-year limited warranty.

This is one of the best chairs from Serta brand. It is easy to assemble and maintain for a long time. You can buy this chair for your home or office use. It is compact and fits in small areas.

You can also store this chair in any room after use. The chair comes in assembled form and you do not have to use any tools to assemble it. Let us have a glance at some of the best features of this chair:

1. Faux Leather Material

This chair is made from top-quality Faux leather. This fabric is tested by the experts before using it in the making of the chair. Apart from that, the fabric is also easy to maintain. It does not affect your skin or cause irritation or redness.

You can sit on this chair for a long time. Any stains of tea or coffee can be easily removed with a wet cloth or cleaning spray. This leather also reduces sweating during hot weather. 

2. High Backrest

High backrest of the chair supports your spinal cord. It reduces back pain and backache within a few minutes. Padded backrest gives a warm massage to your waist when you have to sit for long hours to work on laptops and computers.

This chair is good for people who suffer from spondylitis and chronic back pain. It reduces pain in the hands, legs, thighs, hips and neck. 

3. Aluminum Frame

The frame of the chair is made from premium quality aluminum. It does not rust or damage due to pressure, force or time. Fine quality aluminum adds stability to the chair. It is also easy to clean this frame with a sponge or cotton cloth. Moreover, this aluminum frame makes the chair safe and durable. 

4. Padded Armrests

Armrests of this chair contain soft pads. These pads massage your hands and arms. Besides, you can also adjust these armrests according to your need and comfort level. They reduce hand pain and relax your hands while working, reading, playing games and watching TV. 

5. Smooth Rolling Casters

This chair features smooth casters. These wheels are made from fine quality material. They never break, bend or damage with time or use. Moving the chair is very simple for everyone because of these smooth wheels.

You can also clean these casters with a wet cloth or sponge. They run on all kinds of floors and surfaces without noise. Moreover, these wheels do not damage your floors or surfaces. 

6. Lightweight Chair

This is a lightweight chair for daily use. The weight of the chair is about 25 pounds but it can carry heavy weight.

The strong aluminum frame of the chair makes it more stable and durable. It is very easy to move the chair with one hand. You do not need much space in your home or office to store this office chair. 

7. Ergonomic Shape

Because of its ergonomic shape, this chair is perfect for everyone. It helps in improving posture day by day. Apart from that, it also supports your spinal cord and cures spine injuries.

People with spondylitis and Arthritis can use this office chair for a long time. It is good for students, employees, housewives and old people. 

8. Different Angles

You can set this chair at different angles. It can recline up to any angle while playing games, reclining, resting, reading or working on PC.

You can also get good flexibility in the body by using this chair daily. It is easy to tilt the angles of the chair with the help of a knob situated under the seat. 


  • This chair boosts blood supply and oxygen in the body. 
  • It reduces pain and inflammation of the body. 
  • You can take a normal sponge or cloth to clean the fabric and body of this chair. 
  • The base of the chair contains 5 points. 
  • Padded headrest gives relief from work stress and hypertension. 
  • High backrest reduces inflammation in the lower back. 


  • There is no separate footrest in this chair. 
  • Armrests are short and cause pain while working or studying for a long time. 
  • There is no lumbar pillow in this office chair.

So these two chairs of serta icomfort i5000 can be chosen by you to use them in your offices and I’m sure you’ll love using them. After reading this detailed review, I hope you would be able to take the wise decision for your chair selection.

And If you’re still not satisfied then feel free to comment below and I’ll try my best to help you in any manner while choosing the right chair for you.

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