Serta Smart Layers Air Arlington Executive Chair Review

Office hours are stressful and tiring. If you want to enjoy office work, choose smart office chairs. Serta Smart is a famous brand of office chairs.

It makes smart and beautiful office chairs with modern features. Thick fabric of the Serta Smart brand gives a calm feeling to your skin. 

Additionally, the chairs of Serta Smart are durable and can be used for various tasks. They are good for all types of skin. You can use these lightweight chairs for working, playing games or sitting.

This article shows the detailed review of serta smart layers air arlington executive chair that will help you take the right decision while buying it.

Serta Smart Layers Air Arlington Executive Chair Review

Serta Smart Layers Air Arlington Executive Chair
404 Reviews

1. Chair Style and Materials

If you want a stylish chair, Serta Smart does not offer many styles in the chair. It makes simple yet elegant office chairs for workspaces.

You can also keep this simple chair in your home or shop. It can be placed near computers or any table. 

The chair has a sleek body with a nice grey base. It has adjustable armrests. The chair is designed from premium quality leather that relaxes your back.

Because of the compact size of the chair, you can keep it in small office spaces. You can maintain and clean the leather of this chair. Fine quality leather does not cause skin allergies or sweating. 

2. Support and Ergonomics

Serta Smart makes strong chairs with stable bases. It features ergonomic design that improves structure of the body.

This chair is relaxing and comfortable and you can sit for a long time. It includes a high backrest that relaxes your spinal cord while working or playing games. 

Additionally, the recliner features AIR lumbar support that gives comfort to your lower back. It also suits the natural curve of the body.

Headrest supports your head and neck. It also reduces shoulder pain and makes shoulders more flexible. Padded armrests remove hand pain and make your armrests more flexible.

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3. Warranty

Serta Smart offers a lifetime warranty on this product. Rich quality fabric and tested materials extend the life of this recliner.

The ergonomic design of the chair stays in a good condition for many years. You can use this chair for many years in home, office and shops. It’s is a durable product with lifetime value. 

If any part of the chair breaks or damages, the company will replace the parts or provide new parts for the chair. 

4. Height and Tilt Adjustment

You can adjust the height of this chair between 43 and 47 inches. It is easy to lift the chair or lower it with the knob situated under the seat.

The chair also has a seat with a depth of about 31 inches. The seat is comfortable for sitting, resting, playing games, sleeping, reclining and reading. 

It is easy to tilt this chair in any direction you want. You can adjust this chair in a reclining, sleeping or standing position while reading or sitting.

It can be adjusted in different angles as per your comfort and need. This chair is good for people with back pain and joint problems. 

5. Lightweight Chair

This chair from Serta Smart brand is lightweight. It weighs about 51 pounds but has the capacity to carry 136 kg.

This recliner is perfect for both obese and slim people. Because of its lightweight feature, you can move the chair easily from one room to another.

Anyone can move the chair with one hand. This sleek chair is ideal for daily use. You can maintain this recliner of the Serta Smart brand for a long time.

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6. Heavy Load Bearing Feature

Although the chair weighs about 51 pounds, it can still hold a weight of 136 kg. Obese and tall people can sit or work on this recliner for many hours.

Some of the most skilled craftsmen have designed this chair. It has durable materials and does not damage even if you put heavy load.

Sturdy metal frame makes this chair stronger and better. It does not bend or break even if obese people sit on the recliner. 

7. Easy Assembly

Many office chairs have tough assembling methods. They need special equipment or tools.

But this office chair from Serta Smart brand is simple to assemble by anyone. It does not require any equipment or tools.

Besides, you can also maintain the chair at home or in the office. Even kids and teens can assemble this recliner without reading the instruction manual. 

8. Good Rolling Casters

This chair features strong and heavy-duty wheels of good material. These wheels operate silently and do not leave marks on any type of floors.

They also move the chair easier and smoother. You can move the chair from one place to another with a single hand. Moreover, the wheels stay in a good condition even after a long time.

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9. Spongy Pads

This recliner contains high-quality pads that give comfort to the body. They do not harm your skin or body in any manner.

Whether it is work or play, you can sit on this lightweight chair for a long time. Soft pads provide a good massage to the back. They also target various painful areas and cure the pain. 

10. Quick Cleaning of the Chair

Cleaning bulky chairs from every corner is a tiring job. But this chair can be cleaned within a few minutes. You can take a dry sponge and a harmless solution to clean the fabric and parts of this chair.

Serta Smart Layers Air Arlington Executive Chair
404 Reviews

  • This chair has classic design that suits commercial and residential places.
  • It has a wide seat area for comfort and relaxation.
  • High backrest provides support to your spine.
  • You cannot adjust armrests during work.
  • The chair comes in only 1 color.

At last, you can say that the Serta Smart Layers Air Arlington Executive chair is a stable chair.

It is a durable chair with supreme materials. The features such as adjustable headrest, rolling casters, armrests and tilt adjustment make this chair perfect for homes and offices.

Also don’t forget to share your experience with this chair in comments below.

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