Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Office Chair Review

Office space should look modern and beautiful to boost employee morality. Serta Smart is a well-known brand making good chairs for office use.

You can get a wide range of features in the office chairs of Serta Smart brand. Different features such as tilt position, adjustable headrest and footrest are beneficial for employees. 

Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Office Chair is one of the latest products for office spaces.

It is a lightweight as well as long-lasting office chair for workspaces and homes. So In this article, we will review the office chair and will explain about every features, pros and cons of this product.

Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Office Chair Review

1. Chair Fabric and Style

No other office chair can beat Verona’s style. This chair is trendy as well as stylish for any office space. It has amazing ivory color and timeless design.

This modern and contemporary recliner beautifies any office space. It also has premium quality leather fabric. This fabric suits any type of skin. It also prevents your skin from irritation or sweating. 

In addition to that, the chair has a solid plastic frame. Sturdy chair frame never breaks or damages due to constant uses or pressure. It can also bear weight of any person or object.

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2. Ergonomic Features

This recliner from Serta Smart brand comes with an ergonomic shape. It blends with your body shape and improves posture.

You will feel different level of comfort by sitting on this chair. Apart from that, it also heals pain in the back, joints, hands and legs.

The backrest is medium in the size but has wide area. You can feel coolness in the back by using this chair.

Backrest contains a smooth and soft sponge that gives relaxation to the back. It also massages your back when you sit for complicated office projects or work. 

3. Cushion System of 5 Layers

While normal recliners have cheap quality fabric, this chair from Serta Smart comes with 5 layered cushions.

High-quality cushion gives comfort to the full body. It also improves the structure of the body and reduces body pain.

Thick cushion reduces pressure in the body and makes it elastic. You can sit or relax on this recliner for long hours. The cushion of the chair is tested by the technicians in the labs.

It does not affect your skin or cause redness even after using this chair for several hours.

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4. Adjustable Armrests

The chair includes durable armrests that can be adjusted according to the need. These armrests are thick in the size and contain rich quality pads.

They give relief from hand pain and make your forearms more flexible. You can keep your hands comfortably on the chair while playing video games or reading your favorite book or watching TV.

You can pull up armrests or push them down while sitting or resting. 

5. Lumbar Support

Fine quality lumbar support makes this recliner class apart. It has good quality lumbar pillow that supports your back.

This pillow also suits the natural shape of the body. You will get a better posture within a few weeks by using this recliner.

Apart from that, the chair also features an integrated headrest that keeps your head straight. It reduces headaches and stress and depression.

You can also get neck support on this chair. A padded headrest reduces shoulder pain and makes your shoulders more flexible. 

6. Chair Dimensions

This recliner has a height of about 41 inches. You can reduce it while doing any work, reading or watching TV.

The weight of the chair is about 41 pounds while the chair’s width is about 27 pounds. The seat of the recliner has a depth of about 28 inches.

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7. Tilting Position

Fixed chairs lead to pain of back, legs, joints and hands. This recliner from Serta Smart brand has a tilt mechanism.

You can adjust the backrest of the chair while playing video games or reading a book. This chair is used for reclining, sitting, resting, sleeping, reading, working and watching TV.

It is easy to adjust angles of the chair in any direction as per your need and comfort. It does not cause sweating or skin allergies or infection even after a long time. 

8. Lifetime Warranty

One of the major benefits of using this executive chair from Serta Smart is its lifetime warranty.

The fabric of this chair is long-lasting and durable. It is suitable for all skin types and does not cause skin infection or redness.

Lifetime warranty makes this chair perfect for long time use. The company will replace the broken parts of the chair or provide new parts. You can call the customer representatives anytime if your chair is damaged or gets any problem. 

9. Solid Wheels

Using office chairs without wheels is a difficult task. You need to lift these bulky chairs for moving them from one place to another.

But the chairs from Serta has smooth wheels for quick movement.

These wheels are made from heavy-duty metal that does not rust or corrode. They do not make any noise during movement. The wheels also last for a long time and can be cleaned quickly.

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10. Perfect Craftsmanship

Serta Smart chairs are constructed by good craftsmen with experience. Good designers use the latest equipment to construct this chair.

They also pick raw materials from genuine sources. Nice stitches of the chair and durable materials make it stronger and better than normal office chairs.

  • This chair has an aesthetic design that suits both commercial and residential places.
  • It has a solid metal frame that helps in lifting the chair and pushing down.
  • This chair gives relaxation and calmness to the body.
  • High backrest relaxes the lower back and spine.
  • The light-colored fabric of the chair might get dirty due to stains.
  • Armrests are not comfortable for everyone.
  • There are no color options in this chair.

This executive chair from Serta Smart is comfortable and relaxing. It is also affordable at the rate and fits in any limited space. You can invest money in this chair to get good sitting and working experience.

So here we have shared the detailed Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Office Chair Review and I’m sure it will definitely help you take the right decision while buying a chair for yourself.

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