What is the Right Way of Sitting in a Kneeling Chair?

Kneeling chair is the new trend in the offices these days. Because of the shrinking size of offices, the style of office furniture is also changing. Employees have to spend about 8 to 9 hours in the office. Long working hours cause backache, hip pain, Arthritis and many other health problems. 

Many people suffer from chronic back pain because of wrong sitting habits. It is important to form the right sitting habit from an early age to avoid bad posture. This blog will tell the benefits of kneeling chair and the right way to sit in a kneeling chair.

Sitting in a Kneeling Chair

What is a Kneeling Chair?

Well, many of us still do not have an idea of a kneeling chair. This chair was introduced in the offices some years back. It is one of the best chairs for employees.

Kneeling chair is specifically designed with a lower seat to reduce back pain. While sitting on this chair, your hip angle remains at the bottom. Apart from that, these chairs also come with pads to support your thighs and knees. 

In addition to that, the kneeling chair improves posture of the body and relaxes neck and back.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Kneeling Chair?

The demand for kneeling chairs is increasing in the companies day by day. It gives comfort of working for long hours. Besides, it is also cost-effective office furniture for small office spaces. There are many other benefits of sitting on kneeling chair such as:

1. Improves Posture of the Body

Sitting on the kneeling chair will provide right spinal alignment. It also pushes the pelvis forward and improves posture of the body day by day. Besides, the kneeling chairs also help in curing hump on the back. 

2. Reduces Strain in the Spine

Kneeling chair works better than ordinary office chairs. While traditional office chairs create larger thigh angle position than traditional chairs. This will further decrease strain in the spine disc and cure back pain. 

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Many people have the problem of high blood pressure because of increasing workload. High BP is one of the most dangerous health issues for any person. It can cause heart attack, brain stroke and several other issues.

Using a kneeling chair will cure the problem of high BP. It also keeps blood sugar in normal range. This chair is good for people with problems such as Type-2 Diabetes, cholesterol and heart problems. 

4. Improves Blood Circulation

One of the major benefits of using a kneeling chair is that it improves blood supply. It increases blood circulation and reduces the problem of stiff neck and painful back.

This chair does not cause backache or neck pain even after sitting for long hours. Moreover, this chair increases flexibility in the body and reduces pressure on the back and neck. 

5. Adjustable Settings

Kneeling chairs come with a wide range of features. Many features can be adjusted according to the user’s need and comfort. You can raise or lower seat or change the angle of the chair according to the type of task. It does not put pressure on your back.

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Right Way to Sit on a Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chair is a good thing for daily use but you should know the right methods to use it: The different ways to sit on a kneeling chair properly are:

  • Put the Pressure at the Bottom

Kneeling chair features a knee pad. It provides support to your shins and knees. If you are a beginner, learn to sit on kneeling seat. It will train you in sitting in kneeling position by putting the strain at the bottom part. 

  • Change the Sitting Positions

Many beginners make the mistake of sitting on a kneeling chair for a long time in the same position. Apart from that, you must also switch to normal office chair in case you feel uncomfortable with a kneeling chair. In this way, you can sit comfortably on this chair. 

  • Do Lower Back Exercises Regularly

Using a kneeling chair for the first time can cause pain in the lower back. To cure lower back pain, you need to do regular exercises and workouts. You can also do stretches and other exercises that give relaxation to your lower back. 

  • Sit with Different Leg Positions

If you want to use a kneeling chair for a long time, try sitting with different leg positions. You can sit by keeping one leg on the pad and another leg on the floor.

Besides, you can also try different ways of sitting on a kneeling chair that reduce stiffness in the muscles. Moreover, you can use a kneeling chair with standing desks to keep your muscles flexible and elastic. 

  • Place the Legs on the Floor

Another comfortable way of sitting on a kneeling chair is to place both legs on the floor. It will reduce stiffness in the legs and cure leg pain. You can also get comfort to work for long hours.

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When to Use a Kneeling Chair?

Kneeling chairs can be used for several tasks. It is mainly useful for doing small tasks such as writing notes, sewing cloth or drawing. However, it is also useful for doing work on PC and laptops for long hours. 

These chairs limit the feet in one position. It increases pressure beneath kneecaps and reduces circulation to the legs. Tall people often find it difficult to use a kneeling chair for a long time but they must use an ordinary office chair. 

Should One Use a Kneeling Chair or a Normal Chair?

As a kneeling chair is a new type of chair, many people are still confused about using it. But using a kneeling chair regularly is beneficial for the body.

This chair reduces strain on your back and your shins. Apart from that, it also relaxes your muscles and cures back pain. There is no harm in using a kneeling chair for a long time at home or office.

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