Different Types of Massage Chairs Explained

Massage chair has not remained a home décor anymore. It has become an important item in every home and office. Back pain is the problem of every teen these days whether it is college student or employee. It can be caused due to several reasons such as sitting in the wrong position, strain on lower back and so on. 

Buying a massage chair is the first treatment to cure back ache. It is one of the best things that people need today to get some moments of relaxation.

There are a plethora of massage chairs for commercial and residential places. Before purchasing a massage chair, you should look at various types of massage chairs. Then you can select one for your home easily.

Types of Massage Chairs

This article will highlight the different types of massage chairs, features, prices, roller type and so on. You can know the right type of massage chair for your home, office, shop or garage from this article. 

Types of Massage Chairs

There are various types of massage chairs for different types of pain such as:

1. Ottoman Massage Chairs

Ottoman massage chair is affordable in price and has many benefits that you do not find in ordinary chairs. If you have a low budget, pick Ottoman massage chairs.

These chairs have better features than a normal chair. Apart from that, it also gives better massage o your body than traditional office or home chairs. 

Tall people can sit on Ottoman massage chairs comfortably. They can also keep their legs in a better way in this chair. You can also get many options in this chair such as padded seat, headrest, armrests and remote control. 

Because of small size, you can keep Ottoman massage chairs in any small space. It comes in different materials such as Faux, leather and so on. 

2. Stealth Massage Chairs

Stealth massage chairs look classy in any room or office space. It has unique shape and amazing features. Apart from that, it also gives additional comfort to the full body.

You can place a stealth massage chair in any small space. The leg massage port is one of the most useful features of this chair. It gives relaxation to your painful legs and cures joint pain. 

In addition to that, these chairs give comfort to your lower back and spine. They also feature a wide headrest for supporting your neck and shoulders.

Besides, you also get an armrest in these chairs that relax your hands while resting or working on laptops. Stealth massage chairs are good for old people, housewives, teens and freelancers who have to work from home. 

3. Air Massage Chairs

Air massage chairs work with the help of air bags. They are better than normal chairs and give a good massage to the full body. There are bunch of air bags in different parts of the chairs to target the painful areas of the body. Air message chairs give a good massage to the hands, legs and arms. 

These massage chairs are available in different shapes and colors. They remove the pain of hips, back and thighs after a tiring day at home, gym or office. The footrest removes leg pain and joint pain and cures Arthritis, joint problems and rheumatism. 

4. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

This is one of the best kinds of massage chair for home, shop, office and garage. They give complete relaxation to the body. The design of zero gravity massage chairs was discovered by NASA.

Zero gravity chair distributes the full body’s weight evenly. Apart from that, the legs are also lifted along with the body. 

In addition to that, these massage chairs relax your spinal cord, lower and upper back. They make muscles more flexible and elastic day by day. Besides, the zero gravity chairs also improve blood circulation in the legs and joints. You can get a deep massage by sitting on zero gravity chairs. 

These chairs give you the experience of flying a plane. They give mental relaxation and comfort to the full body. Your posture will improve day by day by using zero gravity chairs. Footrest removes joint pain and leg pain. L-shaped seat gives relaxation and comfort to your hands and forearms. 

Additionally, you can use zero gravity massage chairs for sitting, resting, sleeping and working. They are usually expensive but give many benefits to the body. 

5. Full Body Massage Chairs

You can find full body massage chairs in every office and home these days. As the name suggests, these chairs provide relaxation to the full body. They target every painful area of the body and cure pain in those areas.

There are different models of full body massage chairs in the market. They are also available on many online sites with different discounts and offers. 

Additionally, these chairs cure pain of the neck, shoulders, leg, hands, arms and joints. They also increase blood circulation in every part of the body and cure pain and inflammation. 

6. Heated Massage Chairs

Heat is the most common way to cure pain in the body. People have been using hot bags to cure backache and pain since years. Heated massage chair is a beneficial chair for people who have the problem of back pain.

Today, you can find heated massage chairs in hotel rooms, restaurants, gym, bars and airports. They also look rich in your small or large homes. 

Heated massage chairs come in unique designs and bold colors. They also suit interior of your office and home. Apart from that, these chairs also remove strain from the muscles, back, neck and shoulders.

There are rollers in these chairs that provide heat to the body and cure pain. Heated massage chairs are available in both low and high budget. They are also good for daily use.

This is the list of all the different types of massage chairs. They come in various forms and budget. So now, get the perfect massage chair for your home and enjoy a good massage daily.

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