10 Different Types of Office Chairs

Workplace with comfortable furniture improves mental focus and increases productivity. The office chair is the most important office accessory for every employee.

You have to twist and turn several times during working hours. The right type of office chair will give you the enjoyment of work for long hours. 

Do you know the different types of office chairs? If not, read this blog. It will list the different kinds of office chairs and it will be a much easier task for you to choose the one.

Types of Office Chairs

Different Types of Office Chairs

There are multiple kinds of office chairs for different workplaces. Let us have a look at the different types of office chairs. 

1. Executive Chairs

The name tells that these chairs are the costliest of all the office chairs. Executive chair comes with a wide range of features that provide extra support and comfort to the body.

This chair comes with ergonomic shape that adjusts according to your body shape. Besides, it also contains rich quality fabric that does not harm your skin or body.

You can move executive chairs easily because of swivel base. They also have high backrest, padded cushion and lumbar support for additional support. 

2. Conference Chairs

Designed specifically for conference rooms, this is a unique office chair. These chairs also include many features such as lumbar support, armrests, headrest, high backrest and rotating base.

You can buy conference chairs for study room, bedroom or living room. They can be placed near computers while playing games or working. You can get a variety of conference chairs at cheap prices.

Moreover, conference chairs are good for people who have to work for long hours.  

3. Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chair has ergonomic features. It is beneficial for people with problems such as back ache, hand pain, leg pain and joint problems. You can get relief in your back by sitting on this chair because of lumbar support.

Besides, you can also get many other features in ergonomic chairs such as adjustable height, swivel base, headrest and tilt mechanism. It is simple to tilt the angle and position of this chair with the help of tilt system. 

4. Office Chair for Tall People

Tall people often face a problem while using an office chair. They do not feel comfortable on normal office chairs. If you are a tall person, buy tall office chairs.

Tall chairs are designed specifically for tall people with height of 6’6” and above. These chairs have 5 casters that provide comfort to the full body.  Besides, they also come with swivel base that helps in moving the chair in any direction. 

5. Stacking Chair

This is lightweight chair with thin frame and short backrest. It is used for mass-seating during company meetings. Stacking chairs are very affordable in price.

However, they are not as comfortable as other office chairs. One cannot seat on stacking chair for a long time. These chairs come in different metals and designs.

They are long-lasting and do not rust due to sunrays, water, dust or allergens. These chairs save space as they are lightweight and have sleek body. 

6. Ottomans

Ottomans come in a variety of designs. They are useful for homes as well as offices. Ottomans are nothing but footstools without armrest. They look different in the office environment and can be placed near the walls.

These footstools also save space in the homes and offices. Some ottomans come with a storage option and an extra seat. It is simple to maintain ottomans in the home, office or shop. Moreover, they do not damage any type of floor or surfaces. 

7. Guest Chairs

Guest chairs are designed for reception or waiting room in the offices. These chairs are kept for outsiders and guests. They do not have the features that you get in normal office chairs.

Apart from that, they also do not give comfort to your body for a long time. One of the major benefits of buying a guest chair is that it is affordable in price. Guest chairs are good for large and small offices. 

8. Armless Chair

Armless chairs do not include armrests. They look stylish and trendy in any office space. Apart from that, these chairs are also lightweight and space saving office furniture.

Armless chairs are not comfortable but are easy to maintain and use. You can move armless chairs easily from one room to another because of rotating base.

They feature heavy-duty wheels that do not rust or corrode with water or dust.  These chairs are suitable for part time employees. They feature an ergonomic design that gives comfort to different parts of the body.

9. Loveseats

A loveseat is a sofa in small size. It has space for 2 people. You can buy a loveseat for a home, office, garage or shop. This office chair is very comfortable and gives relaxation to the body.

Loveseat is the best option for casual meetings and informal meetings. They save space in the home and office. Apart from that, they also come with armrests that give relaxation to your hands and forearms. Most of the loveseats are designed using fine quality leather and other rich fabrics. 

10. Tablet Arm Chairs

These office chairs come with side desks. They also have a tablet surface to place your mobile phones and tablets. You can sit on tablet arm chairs comfortably. These chairs are commonly found in libraries and reception areas of the offices.

You can also use this chair for writing. Besides, it is also easy to place laptops, notepads and other smart devices on this table. Moreover, these chairs improve productivity of the employees. 

Final Words

These are the various types of office chairs. They are comfortable and good to use for a long time. These chairs are affordable at rates and come in different designs and materials.

So now, you can know the right type of office chair to buy for your workspace or office.

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