US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair Review

A massage chair is a good addition to your home for comfort and relaxation. It reduces pain in the body and cures inflammation and discomfort. With many massage chairs, there is always a battle of choosing the better one. 

Everyone is familiar with the US Jaclean brand. It designs the best quality chair for homes, offices, and workspaces. USJ 9000 Massage chair is a good chair by the US Jaclean brand.

It includes a wide range of features that help in curing the pain of the body. Let us discuss more about US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair in detail.

US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair Review

US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair

US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair includes many amazing features that you won’t find in other massage chairs. The different features of the chair are as follows:

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1. Lightweight Massage Chair

This chair is a lightweight chair for home and office use. Some of the best designers have crafted this massage chair using light materials.

You will get a light feeling on this chair while working or taking a massage. This chair makes you feel light all the time like you travel on a flight. It can also hold a weight of about 300 pounds. 

2. Design of S-track

Having a design of S-track, this massage chair suits your natural curve. It also improves your posture day by day. S-track design also supports your spinal cord and cures injuries of the spine.

Whether it is working on laptops or watching TV, this massage chair is perfect for every task. You will also get a warm massage by sitting on this lightweight chair. 

3. Heat Feature and Footrest

The chair is equipped with a therapeutic heat feature. The lumbar area of the chair contains a therapeutic heat feature. It provides a warm feeling in the spinal cord.

You will also get relief from back pain by sitting on this massage chair. However, there is no temperature adjustment option in this chair. Heat feature increases flexibility in the back.

The mechanized leg extension is one of the best features of the USJ 9000 Massage chair. You can lift this footrest with the help of one button.

It can lift to 5.5 inches while sitting, resting, relaxing or watching TV. If you suffer from joint pain and leg pain, this footrest cures pain in the legs. Moreover, this footrest suits the comfort of every user.

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4. 3D Body Scan

USJ 9000 massage chair features a 3D body scan. It scans your body automatically and provides the right type of massage. This chair reduces your effort of adjusting the massage style according to the pain. Soft rollers of the chair target painful areas of the body and reduce pain within a few minutes. 

In addition to that, the chair includes a manual adjustment option. You can also adjust the massage style manually as per your comfort level. Furthermore, this chair provides high-quality massage to the full body. 

5. Different Massage Styles

While normal massage chairs come with limited massage styles, the USJ 9000 Massage chair includes several massage styles. You will get 5 types of massages on this chair.

They include Shiatsu, Kneading, and Rolling, Kneading and tapping and tapping massage. Apart from that, the chair also includes various pre-programmed options such as refresh, recover, relax and extend. 

These massage styles will give relief from any type of pain. Moreover, they make you feel relaxed for the full day after returning from the office or gym. 

6. Airbags

USJ 9000 massage chair comes with 41 airbags. These airbags are situated in different places for different areas of the body. They also give relief from head to toes. These airbags release the pain of the muscles and make them more flexible.

Besides, they also increase blood circulation in the body and reduce tiredness. The pain of the neck, back and shoulders will go away within a few minutes by taking a massage on this chair. 

7. Twist Function

This function gives support to your spinal cord. It also decreases strain on the compressed discs in the spine and cures back pain. This chair adjusts itself according to the level of pain.

It is beneficial for people with problems such as pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hands and arms. The twist function of the seat helps you to adjust your body while working on laptops, sitting, relaxing and resting. It also increases elasticity in the body.

8. Quad Rollers

The chair is equipped with quad rollers. These rollers are made from premium quality material that does not rust or corrode with long use or time.

They also give the feeling of massage by human hands. Your spinal cord will gain a soothing massage with the movement of these quad rollers. Moreover, these quad rollers provide different types of massages to the body.

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9. Built-in Speakers and Smart Remote

You cannot work continuously for long hours without some lovely music. USJ 9000 massage chair includes a USB port that helps to charge your mobile phones, tablets, laptops and Notepad.

Besides, the chair also features smart speakers that make your work more interesting with your favorite tracks. You can connect your smart devices to the chair and enjoy your favorite music with a hot massage.

The big and smart remote control attached to this massage chair simplifies the task of adjusting angles. You can change the programs of the chair with the help of remote control. It also has a timer function that helps in setting time for a massage. 

  • This chair comes with a remote control that has a wider screen.
  • You will get a nice foot and calf massage on the chair.
  • Multiple massage programs reduce pain and discomfort in the body.
  • The temperature of the heat cannot be adjusted.
  • Zero-G seating positions are very less.

US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage chair has amazing features for the best massage of the full body. However, some features are lacking in the chair but it is a good massage chair that you can buy for personal or office use.

So at the end, I would definitely recommend you to buy this massage chair and don’t forget to share you experience below in comments.

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