5 Best Vitesse Gaming Chair Reviews in 2021

Playing video games with the best buddy does not need any occasion. You can take the entertainment of playing video games anytime during the year.

Sitting hours for playing your favorite video games often increases back pain. This is mainly because of poor quality chairs. 

If you want to gain real gaming experience, choose Vitesse gaming chairs. It is the most reputable brand making world-class gaming chairs for adults and teens.

These chairs have a wide range of features that make you feel light and relaxed while playing any game. Let us have a look at some of the best Vitesse gaming chairs for 2021.

Best Vitesse Gaming Chair Reviews

#1. VIT Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style

VIT Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style
2,396 Reviews
VIT Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style
  • Selected Material: High resilience sponge is wrapped in high-quality durable PU leather....
  • Multi-Function Use: The adjustable back and footrest can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees , suit...
  • Ergonomic Design: Coming with a headrest and a back support. Provide lasting support, built to...
  • Sturdy Frame System: Sturdy frame made by stainless steel and hardwood, max capacity:300 LBS. With...
  • 120 Days Worry-Free: We will do our best to help you to solve the problems you have. Don’t...

If you are a true gaming fan, choose this gaming chair from Vitesse. It comes in 5 gorgeous shades that make your study or gaming room more appealing. Strong body of the chair increases safety while playing games or sitting. 

This gaming chair is designed from top-quality leather that provides calmness to the body. It does not cause sweating or irritation to the skin even after many hours.

This gaming chair contains rich quality PU leather. This fabric is gentle on skin and does not cause skin allergies or infection.

Apart from that, you will also get relaxation in the body while sitting, resting or sleeping on this recliner. PU leather is also easy to clean with wet or dry cloth.

There are numerous adjustable features in this gaming chair. They include adjustable backrest and footrest.

You can tilt the chair at any angle and adjust its backrest between 90 and 180 degrees. It is good for working on PC, watching movies, resting, sleeping and reclining.

This gaming chair has been designed by some of the most talented designers. It has solid body with durable frame. The chair does not bend or damage or break due to force, pressure, cleaning or moving.

You can get rid of the hump in the back by sitting on this gaming chair. It features ergonomic design that helps in improving structure of the body.

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  • It boosts blood supply and oxygen in the body.
  • You can get rid of back and neck pain by using this chair.
  • Armrests reduce hand and arm pain while sitting, working or playing games.
  • It can hold weight of about 300 lbs. and above.
  • Moving this gaming chair is very easy.
  • Seat cushion is hard and causes pain in the hips.
  • It is not suitable for tall people.

#2. Vitesse Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair
1,825 Reviews
Vitesse Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair
  • Vitesse racing gaming chair: Vitesse is a brand that focuses on improving the gamer experience of...
  • Multi-Function gaming chair: 360 degrees swivel, adjustable backrest with a 90°-180° safety...
  • Sturdy and stable video game chairs: Our gaming chairs are made of high-quality PU leather, which is...
  • Load Capacity: 300 LBS. Seating area Dimension: 14.9" x 20.4" (W X D),Backrest dimension: 22.2" x...
  • A+ service: Free replacement or parts guarantee for any quality problem within 365 days,...

Equipped with high backrest, this racing chair is perfect for gamers. It features a swivel base that helps in rotating the chair at any angle. You can get a variety of colors in this gaming chair. This gaming chair suits interior and shade of any room. 

This lightweight gaming chair is suitable for daily use. You can shift it from one room to another. Apart from that, it is also easy to maintain the chair in any room.

Ergonomic design of the chair suits natural shape of your body. It brings the figure into shape and improves posture day by day. This recliner is useful for different tasks such as sitting, reclining, sleeping, working and playing games.

You can adjust backrest of this recliner in your style. It can be pushed back or pulled forward while sitting, sleeping or reclining.

You can adjust backrest of the chair between 90 degrees and 180 degrees as per your comfort. High backrest also cures various spine injuries and back pain as well.

This gaming chair has strong wheels. You can move the recliner with one hand from one room to another. Wheels do not damage any type of floor or cause marks.

Besides, the wheels also last for a long time. They do not rust or corrode with regular use.

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  • The seat of the chair is wide and gives comfort while sitting or playing games.
  • It takes a few minutes to clean this gaming chair.
  • You can tilt the position of the chair in any direction.
  • This chair can hold a capacity of about 300 lbs.
  • You can adjust height of this recliner.
  • Rock function does not work effectively.
  • Cushion of the seat is very hard and gives pain to the legs.

#3. Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair

Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair
1,105 Reviews
Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair
  • Gaming Style: Latest recliner designed for gaming, built-in modern headrest and cool lumbar support,...
  • Premium Material: Skin friendly PU leather and high resilience thicker sponge improve more...
  • Ergonomic Design: The recliner chair come with the soft headrest, lumbar support and footrest....
  • Easy to Assemble & Adjustable: Most people could finish the assembly within 8 minutes. And just sit...
  • A+ Service: Free replacement for quality problem with in one year. Just contact with our customer...

This is a sofa cum chair for gamers. You can use this chair for sitting, reclining, working, resting and sleeping. The soft cushion of the chair makes you feel light and relaxed. You can also get many colors in a chair. 

You can place this chair in living room, dining room, bedroom or study room. It is also easy to maintain this chair in the home or office.

The chair features lumbar support that gives relaxation to your spinal cord. It also reduces spine injuries and makes your spinal cord straight.

You can get relaxation in the back while working on laptops or playing games. Moreover, this recliner will improve body shape within a few weeks.

Bulky gaming chairs cause back pain, joint pain and other physical problems. This is a lightweight recliner for daily use. It is easy to move the recliner because of its less weight.

Besides, the chair also fits in any small space of home or office.

Working long hours on PC or playing games can cause hand pain. Thick armrests of the recliner reduce arm pain and cure hand pain. They also contain soft foam that relaxes your hands while sitting or working.

This chair features a footrest that helps in relaxing feet. You can keep your legs in a comfortable position on this footrest. Besides, you can also lift footrest as per your comfort.

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  • Soft headrest reduces headache and cures shoulder pain.
  • This chair increases blood supply in the body and makes the body more flexible.
  • You can adjust the chair to your favorite angle.
  • Skin-friendly fabric is good for body even during hot summers.
  • It is not suitable for reclining or sleeping.
  • Back support cannot be removed after use.
  • It is not suitable for obese people.

#4. Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest

Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest
715 Reviews
Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest
  • [Selected Materials] Skin friendly PU leather and high resilience thicker sponge improve more...
  • [Multi-function] 360 degree swivel, 90°to 155°backwards movement, 3.8” seat-height adjustment...
  • [Ergonomic Design] Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion with two straps, adjust by yourself...
  • [Load Capacity] Seating area Dimension: 19.8" L x 20.5" W, Backrest dimension: 22.5" L x 30.5" W,...
  • [Warranty] Free replacement or parts for quality problem, damage and missing parts within 1 year,...

Designed particularly for gamers, this chair is a special addition to your study room. It is made from selected materials that do not rust over time.

Apart from that, the chair also contains various features that you do not find in other gaming chairs. 

This chair looks stylish in any room that you keep near the table or chair. It is also a nice chair for people who love playing video games daily at home, shop or office.

The chair is designed using top-quality PU leather that gives relief to your skin. It does not cause sweating, allergies, infection or redness.

You can sit for long hours on this chair for playing games or working on PCs or laptops. PU leather can also be cleaned with wet cloth.

The metal frame of this chair is strong and stable. It makes this gaming chair stronger. This chair is also safe for children who love playing video games.

The metal of the chair does not rust with time, use and corrosion. Moreover, the frame does not break or damage due to force or pressure.

This chair can rotate into 360 degrees while playing games or working on projects. It is easy to move or tilt the recliner with one hand according to your requirement.

Footrest of the chair contains soft pads that give relaxation to your feet. They also reduce leg pain after gym sessions or walking.

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  • This gaming chair has adjustable height.
  • Wheels of the chair can move smoothly on any kind of surface.
  • Lumbar support gives relaxation to your spine.
  • Headrest contains spongy foam that reduces headache.
  • Armrests are not comfortable.
  • Chair seat has hard plastic.
  • Poor quality leg rests and does not work properly.

#5. Vitesse Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk Chair
559 Reviews
Vitesse Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk Chair
  • Ergonomic design: This chair designed with human-oriented ergonomic structure for providing comfort...
  • Selected material: Vitesse racing gaming chair with soft and wear-resisting carbon fiber style...
  • Multi-function: 360 Degree Swivel, 300 pounds maximum weight capacity. Recline between 90 to 155...
  • Easy to assemble: Follow the instruction, it will be easy to set up, most people can set it up...
  • 1 Year Worry-Free: We will do our best to help you to solve the problems you have. Don’t hesitate...

Made from special fabric, this gaming chair is ideal for long gaming sessions. It is one of the best chairs for hall, study room or bedroom.

You can also buy this chair for your office space. Apart from gaming, you can also work, sit, recline or rest on this chair. 

The ergonomic shape of the chair fits natural curve of the body. It also reduces back pain and gives relaxation to the full body.

It is very simple to assemble this gaming chair within a few minutes. You do not need any manual guide or professional help to assemble or disassemble the chair.

The chair has strong frame of rich quality steel. It does not damage or break even if you use the chair for many years. The frame makes the chair safe for sitting or playing games.

You can tilt this gaming chair anywhere between 90 degrees to 155 degrees. It is suitable for watching movies, resting, reclining and sitting.

This chair will give flexibility to the body. You can try sitting or working in different positions by rotating the chair.

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  • This chair can hold weight of around 300 pounds.
  • Cleaning this chair is very simple and quick.
  • It cures problems such as stiff joints, headache, and fatigue and body pain.
  • You will get a good posture within a few weeks by using this gaming chair.
  • Wheels of the chair work on any type of floor without making the sound.
  • The chair comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • The chair has short armrests that cause discomfort and pain in the hands.
  • Footrest is not very comfortable and proper.

What are the Smart Features of Vitesse Gaming Chair?

Vitesse gaming chairs are the perfect ones for gamers. This brand introduces different features in the gaming chairs for comfort and relaxation. While selecting any gaming chair of Vitesse brand, you must look at the following factors: 

1. Lumbar Support

Pick the gaming chair that has lumbar support. Vitesse gaming chairs contain removable lumbar support that gives comfort to the lower back. It also helps in getting a healthy posture within a few weeks. 

2. Cool Seat

Long gaming hours cause sweating and skin irritation. Gaming chairs of Vitesse brand have comfortable seats with sturdy metal frames.

Thick cushion of the chair’s seat relaxes the full body from neck to toes. It also supports lower back and cures pain in the body. 

3. Adjustable Backrest

It is very difficult to sit in one position while working in the office. You can adjust the position of the chair between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The chair can be adjusted according to your requirement and comfort level. 

4. Wide Seat

Wide sitting space will increase safety and comfort while working on laptops or playing shooting games. The chairs of Vitesse brand have wider seats than other gaming chairs.

Most chairs have seat made from premium quality steel. They do not break, damage or bend with force. The width of Vitesse chairs is about 14 inches. It also has a depth of 21 inches.

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5. Rocking Function

This is another important feature to look at in gaming chairs. Many chairs of Vitesse brand contain rocking function.

There are different degrees in these gaming chairs for rocking features such as 10 degrees, 20 degrees and so on. You can tight or loose rocking controller below the seat. 

6. Headrest 

Gaming chairs of Vitesse brand have a removable headrest. You can remove head cushion after sitting, working, resting or playing video games. Head pillow is made from fine quality fabric. It also contains soft foam that relaxes shoulders, neck and head. 

7. Weight Bearing Capacity

Vitesse gaming chairs contain the capacity to carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. They are perfect for both tall and short people. You can sit, work, play, rest, recline and sleep on this chair properly.

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