WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair Review

Long working hours at the office make you feel tired after coming home. A warm massage will rejuvenate your body, soul and mind. One cannot go to a spa or massage parlor every time to get a relaxation massage. But it is possible to get a good massage daily right at your home. 

WorkPro 1000 is a superb chair for daily use. It can be placed in an office, home, shop, or garage. The thin body of the chair makes it easy for you to keep it in any limited space. This chair has many benefits for the body. The chair has a stable construction and is safe for sitting, playing games and working. 

In addition to that, medical experts and physiotherapists recommend using this task chair. It is ideal for children, youngsters and old people. This chair also cures stiff muscles and increases flexibility in the body. People with joint problems and back problems can use this task chair for a long time.

WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair Review

WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair
362 Reviews
WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair
  • Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair

The chair features an aesthetic design that enhances the look of any room of the home. You can also keep this chair in your office. Let us discuss some of its features and benefits in detail.

WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair is a sleek chair with unique functions. You can use it for many tasks such as watching a football match, resting, sitting or reclining. There are several features of this sleek chair such as: 

#1. Skin Friendly Fabric

This task chair is designed from rich quality fabric. This material does not affect your skin in any way. It does not cause skin allergies or redness even after sitting for long hours.

Normal chairs cause sweating and skin itchiness whereas this task chair gives a calm touch to your body. It can be used in any weather for sitting or working on PCs. 

#2. Lightweight Task Chair

With a weight of 20 pounds, this task chair is perfect to add to your bedroom or study room. It has sleek design and does not consume much space in your room.

Besides, this task chair is a lightweight chair and can hold weight of even obese people. Moving this chair from one room to another makes you feel so relaxing and easy. 

#3. Lumbar Support

This task chair is specifically crafted including lumbar support for people with back pain. It gives relaxation to the back and reduces backache. This feature also supports your spinal cord and improves posture day by day. Your spine will stay erect on this task chair while sitting, resting, relaxing or reading a novel.

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#4. Swivel Base

Swivel base of this chair makes it possible to rotate at any angle. You can adjust the position of this chair in any direction with the help of a swivel base. The bottom of the chair contains premium quality casters for easy movement.

These wheels do not bend or damage due to pressure or force. Anyone can move the chair with one hand because of smooth wheels. 

#5. Adjustable Armrests

This task chair features adjustable armrests on both sides. You can keep your hands on these armrests while sitting on PC or working on laptops. They remove pain of the hands and make them more flexible.

Apart from that, they also help in removing pain in the forearms after exercises or workouts. It will keep your forearms flexible and elastic during your work in office. 

#6. S-Curve Design

If you look closely at the chair, it has a shape similar to your body’s natural curve. The design of the S-curve adjusts to the shape of your body and helps to improve posture within a few weeks.

You will feel comfortable even for long hours by sitting on this chair. The chair supports spinal cord and cures various spine injuries within a few weeks. 

#7. Adjustable Height

The pneumatic gas cylinder of the task chair helps in adjusting height of the chair. You can adjust height according to the type of task. It is a good chair for both short and tall people.

You can use this chair to clean your ceiling fans and bookshelves. Apart from that, you can also use it for various routine tasks at home and office.

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#8. Tilting and Locking Mechanism

You can tilt this task chair in any position as you wish. It is also easy to lock the chair in one position with the help of the lock system.

So, it is comfortable to lock one position of the chair while watching movies or studying or working. You can keep this chair straight or pull forward or put it in a sleeping position. 

#9. Recline Function

This task chair can move back and forward as per your comfort. It can be adjusted into various positions according to the type of task. You can control tightness of the tilting system with the help of a knob. 

#10. Solid Castors

The base of 5 points makes this chair easy for moving from one room to another. It contains heavy-duty wheels that do not break or damage due to force or pressure. The solid wheels of this chair make shifting this chair easy while cleaning the room or office. 

#11. Good Gift for Relatives

WorkPro 1000 task chair is a nice gift for friends and relatives. You can gift this chair to your parents and grandparents who have joint problems and Rheumatism.

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WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair
362 Reviews
WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair
  • Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair

  • This task chair has an aesthetic design that improves your body posture.
  • You can gain better mental focus on work by sitting on this lightweight massage chair
  • It gives relaxation in the body after a tiring day at work.
  • The chair does not damage due to rust or corrosion.
  • It is simple to maintain and clean this chair.
  • Armrests are of poor quality and they shake while sitting or working for long hours.
  • The Mesh of the chair contains limited pads.
  • It can hold weight of only 250 lbs.

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